Calculate Your Birthdate With This Formula To Find Out What Your Numbers Say About Your Life Path

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Astrology and zodiac signs can be great indicators of your personality traits and relationship habits. Numerology is a similar spiritual practice. Numerology believes that the numerical patterns we see and experience throughout our days and lifetime are telling signs about our individual selves.

It may sound superstitious, but you’d be surprised at how accurate the messages you discover are to your own unique journey. All you have to do to find our your life path and destiny is calculate your birthdate! Here’s how you can find yours.

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Numerology Explained

We can thank the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, from 470 BC for sparking the study of numerology that modern society still uses today. Pythagoras believed that by reducing significant numbers, like birthdays and death dates, to single digits, we can uncover hidden spiritual messages about our lives and souls.

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Envato / Iryna Khabliuk
Envato / Iryna Khabliuk

Numerology, in its most basic terms, believes that if we can crack the code that hides behind numbers of great importance, They can give us a glimpse into what the universe is trying to tell us.

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The Significance Of Your Birthday

The date that you were born reveals your own personal lucky or destiny number. The stars and vibrational frequencies in the universe aligned in a specific pattern with the event of your birth, and so your birth date number holds great significance.

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Pixabay / Pexels

If you were born on a date with a single digit, that is your lucky number. So, a Virgo born on September 8th would have the lucky number 8. But, if your birth date has two digits, you add them to determine the number. So, a Virgo born on September 11th would do 1 + 1 = 2!

Life Path Number

Your life path number reveals unique messages from your spirit guides about who you are and what direction life is guiding you in. Similar to your lucky birth number, this number is revealed by adding the year, month, and day that you were born.

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Katie Harp / Unsplash

It’s important that each number is broken down into a single digit, here’s an example of how to calculate your own:

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

Pretend that you were born on August 18, 1997. You would begin by calculating your birthdate, 1 + 8 = 9. Your birth month, August, is the 8th month of the year. And 1997 would give you 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 26. To make it a single digit, we would be break it down into 2 + 6 = 8.

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Content Pixie / Unsplash

This would give you 9 (birthdate), + 8 (birth month) + 8 (birth year) = 25. And once more, 2 +5 would give you the life path number of 7! So, what does your life path number say about you? Keep reading to find out!

Numbers 1-3 Messages

If your life path number is 1, the universe is labeling you as someone selfless and giving. In relationships, you often give more than you take, and your generosity will be rewarded! You listen to your mind and do what you think is right, even if that means stepping outside of the “norm.”3e

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Elia Pellegrini / Unsplash

Number 2 signifies that you are a person who cares a great deal about the finer things in life. You give a lot of attention to detail and are quite observational. It can be hard sometimes to take notice of the big picture and live in flow. However, your attention to detail gives you the ability to understand the state of mind of others and connect with people easily.

Number 3 means that you have struggled to love and embrace your true self in the past but are on the right track towards self-love. This could be due to being dealt a hard deck of cards in life. However, the number 3 is the reflection of three triangles and is considered to bring strength, spirit, and courage.. Your ambition means that you have the power to get through anything.

Numbers 4-6 Messages

If you got life path number 4, your soul is telling you that it feels neglected. This could be a wound from a loved one abandoning you in the past or a self-inflicted internal conflict. However, your experiences have given you a strong character and practical perspective. You can’t stand to see others in pain and are a great advocate who can always see both sides.

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Jay Castor / Unsplash

Number 5 brings you a lot of natural luck. You trust your gut and are a decision-maker, allowing you to live life as a dreamer and reach whatever ideal you set your mind to. You have a lot of talents and an inviting personality that organically draws people.

Number 6 is a reminder that confidence is key. The stars aligned on your birthday to create a goddess. This number is influenced by Venus, the symbol of love. You’re drawn to creativity, music, and beauty, which sometimes makes you a perfectionist. However, while being a romantic, you’re also trustworthy, charming, and dependable.

Numbers 7-9 Messages

Life path number 7 reveals that you’re doing a great job learnig from your own experiences. Your drive to grow from the inside out makes you quite successful. You have a sharp memory and are quite intelligent which means that you take “failures” as lessons that eventually help you succeed. In fact, you’re patient and rational

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Erik Karits / Unsplash

Number 8 means you’re a dreamer whose head is often in the clouds. However, it’s your ability to dream that helps you manifest anything you want even though it’s sometimes delayed. You’re always ready to help others. Just like the shape of the digit, your personality is balanced.

Number 9 means that your soul has undergone a streak of bad luck, but your spirit guides are about to turn that around. This is because the number 9 is ruled by the planet Mars, also known as the Lord of war. This makes people with number 9 humanitarians who are generous and affectionate by nature. They take on the baggage of others and empathize easily. This life path means you need to learn to let go and embrace change.

Master Numbers

There are three “master numbers” in the study of numerology. If you identify with a master number, a higher realm is working hard to get your attention. Here’s what they mean:

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David Monje / Unsplash
David Monje / Unsplash

Number 11 is the number of depth and perception. People with this number are like charismatic magnets who can see through others and read well into the depths of people.

Number 22 means that you were born to be a star, so let your fears go, and your talents shine! This is the number of leaders and doers and is considered to be the most powerful number. Master Number 22 is also called “Master Builder” or the “Master Architect” holds the power to turn any dream into reality.

Number 33 exposes that you had door-mat energy in your past life, but your guides give you the strength to take control of your destiny. Once you tune into your intuition, you will have the power to manifest anything. Your dreams will feel vivid and intense, and you’ll become knowledgeable in your waking life.

A Guidebook To Spiritual Secrets

Like a fortune cookie or a psychic, numerology knows some secrets about your past, present, and future that you’ve yet to uncover. If you can handle the truth about your soul’s past life or are hoping for a sign of good omens, your life path number is your guidebook to unveiling these spiritual truths. Have fun with it!

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Pitor Wilk / Unsplash

Are you still searching for your life purpose? You won’t believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you!

That’s right, the numerology of your birth date, regardless of what month you were born, can reveal surprising information about your personality.


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