Calling All Introverts, Here’s Exactly What You Should Say In Uncomfortable Situations

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The definition of an introvert is a person who has more interest in themselves than others or has difficulty relating to people outside of themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It means that they can find happiness within and don’t necessarily need external validation

Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings instead of external sources of stimulation. In a social setting, it can mean feeling overwhelmed or overly stimulated when having to socialize with a lot of people for an extended period of time. It can feel draining and uncomfortable to meet new peop;e.

To help introverts in this situation Reddit user named Blugged Bunny asked”What is your go-to ‘small talk’ topic with strangers?” and we’ve compiled the easiest topics to bring up to feel at ease because even introverts deserve to feel accepted and belong in any social setting.

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Make Them Feel Good

People light up when talking about a passion of theirs. By having a conversation that makes them feel good and important they then associate you with the positive feelings they felt during the experience of meeting you.

man looking at art wall in staircase
Toa Heftiba / Unsplash
Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Try asking about their hobbies.Pretty much everyone has something they’re either super passionate about or really rather good at, so a conversation about hobbies pretty much always moves from ‘small talk’ to ‘genuine interest’ pretty damn fast.” — Trashpanda692