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Calling Out All Single Zodiacs, This Week's Horoscope Shows Venus Is In A Good Mood

Weekly Horoscopes: January 3rd – 9th, 2022

The first full week of 2022 is set to be a relatively peaceful and easy-going period – perfect for everyone still adjusting to the end of the holiday period and the return to work and business.

Wednesday and Friday have lovely creative energies, and spirituality will be important this week too. For those who are single as 2022 dawns, Venus’ good mood this week is ideal for dates and significant first meetings.

Overall, interpersonal energies are very pleasant as the year gets underway, so make the most of this time to regroup, recharge and enjoy the last vestiges of that holiday feeling. The hard work begins next week!

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It’s only the first week of the year, Aries, but your head is already getting back to business, way ahead of some other signs. Use the mid-week creative surge to brainstorm ways in which your career or business path can fully align with your spiritual values and goals. There’s more for you to do in this area.

Saturday is a good day for job interviews too, or for putting the final touches on a portfolio of work. Anything that requires you to shine and to stand out from the crowd is well-starred this weekend.

If you’re single and looking for love, someone close to you at work could suddenly become a prospective date - although mixing business with pleasure could prove tricky to sustain long-term.


You arrive in the first full week of 2022 feeling sure that you’ve learned lessons from the previous year, Taurus. There’s a sense of optimism and excitement as you prepare for the year ahead, and you’ll be especially keen now to plan some travel-related adventures and expeditions.

The midweek period is great for brainstorming. Groupthink can be a positive thing for you at this point, so don’t dismiss great ideas coming from friends or colleagues. If you’re studying for something or undertaking training, this midweek energy is also uplifting and encouraging.

If you’re in a romantic frame of mind, Saturday is the best day for a date or a day trip with a loved one; if you’re traveling and you’re single, fate may provide an interesting chance encounter!


Your focus is on self-improvement as the New Year gets into full swing, Gemini. You may struggle somewhat with the quite vague energies this mid-week provides though, as you prefer a more concrete vibe. Don’t be afraid to try meditation or journaling as a way into discovering yourself better during this week.

In your career path, you may come into contact with someone from your past who can help you, or a new mentor-type figure who will be significant in the future. It’s a good week for being positive and kind to everyone you encounter, as someone in that mix could turn out to be a valuable ally.

Financially, Saturday is a great day for making a budget - and a new year resolution to stick to it, for once!

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You start 2022 in a romantic frame of mind and there’s a sense of sweetness and nostalgia around your closest relationship too. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or you have spent a lot of time necessarily separated during the last couple of years, this week’s energies are healing and uplifting, promising that your shared magic still endures.

Wednesday is a great day for sharing your goals and dreams with your other half so that you can work together on your plan for the year ahead. Saturday, meanwhile, is the ideal day for a romantic commitment, or indeed for a brand-new date if you’re currently single.

Overall, this is a week for enjoying and celebrating your many blessings, for you truly are loved.


Take advantage of this relatively quiet astrological week, Leo, to get yourself well organized for the coming month and year. You thrive best when you know exactly what’s coming, so invest in a good planner or diary and start scheduling and blocking out periods of time.

The midweek energies, although creative, are also a little bit fuzzy and confusing at times for you, so you’ll want to be extra careful with details on Wednesday and Friday, in particular. Double-check anything you’re not sure about.

A very passionate weekend is great news for your closest relationship; if you’re single, Saturday is also a fantastic time to meet someone new.


This looks set to be a loving and playful first full week of the year, Virgo, so take advantage of these fun vibes before life turns more serious again! If you’re single, there are good indications that this weekend could be a fun time for a date. If you’re already in a happy relationship, make the most of the easy-going, laid-back energies midweek and spend plenty of one-on-one time with your partner.

There’s also a very creative vibe around you, particularly on Wednesday. It’s the ideal time to write poetry, play music, dance, craft, paint or otherwise indulge your creative streak. You’ll find this immersive, inspirational and memorable for all the right reasons.

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Don’t be surprised, Libra, if you find it quite hard to settle back into “normal” routines this week. It’s still early days and half of you is still in holiday mode. The middle of the week is a particularly vague feeling time when you may struggle with demands from colleagues or co-workers.

The good news is that a loving and supportive family life this week will help to ease you back into the stresses and strains of January. Spending plenty of time with your loved ones will shore you up and make you feel invincible.

Saturday, in particular, is a beautiful time to be around family, so make the effort to visit those you couldn’t see over the holiday period.


Your rebellious streak isn’t really ready to settle down into 2022 just yet, Scorpio - but that’s OK! This week is packed with easy-going vibes, so you won’t find it too demanding. Let your creativity shine through, especially in the middle of the week, and distract yourself with plenty of things you find fun and fascinating.

You’re keen to stretch your mind as 2022 gets underway, so this is a good time for research or investigation of any kind, especially into a topic you’ve always felt drawn to. See to small errands and little outstanding issues this week too, to metaphorically clear your desk ahead of the year proper.


There’s a firm focus on family matters for you this week, Sagittarius, and you’re still feeling cocooned and slightly out of it in that weird, post-holiday way. Good news relating to a family issue will bring lots of joy and there’s certainly plenty of the feel-good factor this week.

When it comes to money matters, however, it’s not a brilliant start to the year - mainly because you’re still feeling quite scatter-brained. Try to avoid making major financial decisions midweek, when the energies are a little bit too vague and you’re more likely to make an emotional choice rather than a rational one.

On a brighter note, the weekend is an excellent time for uncovering hidden creative talents - see where inspiration strikes!

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It’s only the first full week of the year, Capricorn, but you’re already busy, packing in errands and tying up loose ends at an astonishing rate. You’ll get a lot of satisfaction this week from tidying things both physically and mentally, and from creating order out of the post-holiday chaos.

Wednesday is a good day for dreaming big dreams too, regarding how you want the rest of 2022 to pan out. Be imaginative and creative with your goals, and don’t limit yourself.

If you’re single, the weekend sees Venus in an exceptionally good mood in your own sign, so get on out there and mix and mingle; you never know who you might meet.


You’re pleasantly surprised, Aquarius, as 2022 gets underway, to find that your fears around money and security are easing slightly. There are lots of reasons for optimism and positivity this week and by the middle of the week, you will definitely feel happier about your situation.

There are strong links to your spiritual development this week too, so you’ll enjoy meditation, visualization and manifestation, or indeed anything that helps to put you more in tune with your higher self.

If you’re single and looking for love, keep an open mind at the weekend. Someone who really doesn’t seem to be your “type” may have much more to offer you than you think.


You’re starting 2022 with a strong sense of shared purpose, Pisces - whether that’s with your local community, a group of like-minded friends or even with the whole of mankind, you feel a part of something bigger than just you, and it’s very inspiring.

Take this feeling and use the midweek creative vibes to amplify it even further. How can you best play your part in what is unfolding around us this year? You’re starting to step into your own identity and realize your spiritual strengths, which is excellent news.

On Saturday, look out for a meeting with someone very much on your wavelength. If not romantic, this link could still be important on a soul level.

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Time Traveller From 2714's Is Warning The World To Prepare For Three Major Dates In Early 2022

A self-proclaimed time traveler’ has found a way to communicate with all the way 2714, aver a thousand years from today, to warn us of major events taking place early in 2022. It's unclear whether his purpose is to help us prevent any of it from happening, or if it is meant to happen anyway and he is simply wanting us to prepare.

It's also unknown whether humankind is happy and safe in his time. Whether you believe this is real or not, you might want to jot these dates down in your calendar just in case! Similar predictions have been made in the past and have come true.

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The Warning Was Given For All Non-Believers

man jumping through spirals

Andy Baeles / Unsplash

Naturally, when this time traveler first made a video full of predictions and warnings, it was received with a lot of skepticism. So, in an attempt to prove his authenticity, he's made another video detailing specific dates for early this year. The user under the name @aesthetictimewarper, says that these posts are made in a bid to 'save' humanity.

Some of his most shocking predictions were that of a portal to an alternate universe would be found inside a T. Rex dinosaur egg, and that the mythical sunken city of Atlantis would be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Now they've three more relevant predictions that he hopes people will start taking seriously. He explains; "I have been thought of as a fake time-traveller for too long, so remember these three major dates in early 2022.

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March 11

Cpmanzee posing for pictures

Rob Schreckhise / Unsplash

The time traveler says that on this day a human will have a child with a chimpanzee for the first time but that's not even the worst part. He predicts that this new species will be able to talk and have mixed features. He doesn't elaborate on whether it will be friendly, dangerous, or whether it will possess any superhuman capabilities thanks to its animal DNA.

It is also currently illegal and ethically wrong to procreate with an animal, so whether this even happens, it might never go public.

April 19

virus closeup

Fusion Medical Animation / Unsplash

This might be the worst prediction of all, although it was also predicted by blind mystic Baba Venga. In a world that is still recovering and fighting Covid variants, the time traveler warns that a new Covid strain 'omega' will emerge. However, this strain will be five times worse than all other versions.

The rate that this pandemic has escalated and continues to worsen every time it seems like it's getting better, it's not unlikely that the world will have to gear up to face this variant. It could even take a shape of its becoming its own new lethal virus, such as the one predicted to be uncovered this year in Siberia.

September 17

whale swimming through water

Gabirel Dizzi / Unsplash

On this day the largest creature is predicted to be discovered in the ocean. Allegedly it will go by the name "Cerine Croin" and will be over four times the size of the blue whale. The ocean is big enough that it's possible that we somehow did miss a creature that big. Perhaps it has been in hiding and is resurfacing due to global warming conditions.

Keep in mind that a Google search reveals that Ceirean, Cirein-cròin or cionarain-crò was a large sea monster in Scottish Gaelic folklore. According to their old saying, it was so large that it fed on seven whales. However, many folklore stories are based on passed on true events.

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September 11, 2021

mannquin in gree lighting

Viktor Talashuk / Unsplash

This isn't their first attempt at trying to convince us that they are from the distant future. Previously they warned that on September 11th, a date that was already significant in history “An alien takes 4,000 skilled workers and children to the planet Proxima B, as a result of another hostile species coming here.”They then follow that up with: “9/14: The largest hurricane in history hits the US East Coast, mainly South Carolina, making it the first Category 6 hurricane.”

While we experienced some hurricanes due to traditional tropical weather, there have been no reports of children kidnapping by aliens, unless that information is being hidden from us. Do with that as you will.

'Time Traveller From 2714' Tells World To Prepare For Three Major Dates In 2022!

So, do you feel better prepared for the year ahead? If you believe in these predictions, you are not alone. The people are divided and while some are convinced, others at least find watching the time traveler's videos to be entertaining.

The video has been viewed more than nine million times since it was shared on December 26.

What's In Store For You In 2022?

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