He set up camera to record his dance — He didn’t expect 35million people to love him for it

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Once in awhile you find a YouTuber with some incredible talent.Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion is one of those people.

You can locate the video at the bottom of this article!

Throughout the years, he has been practicing for hours and hours everyday in order to master a very wide spectrum of styles and art forms.

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

In the video below, Sven shares his skills with the world. He can be seen dancing to an electronic style beat with elements of jazz.

This German dancer has an impressive talent of blending traditional and modern styles together in a way that many people have never seen before!

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On his website –//www.martapr.com/svenotten-justsomemotion/ – Sven lists “Melbourne Shuffle, Tectonik, Rebolation, and Charleston” as some of his main influences.

Watching his moves never gets old. My eyes are mesmerized by his style and spectacular moves! Once you’ve seen him dance, it is easy to understand how he has gained millions of views on YouTube alone.