Can You Solve This Controversial Math Question That Left the Internet Divided?

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Luckily for some of us the days of sitting in match class solving equation after equation are long gone. Others have to relive those days when their kids bring home homework and ask their parents for help. Then there are some who just like to keep up with math problems to keep their brains sharp, and we all should take a page out of their book because as it turns out math even fourth grade math isn’t that easy as an adult anymore.

This equation, in particular, has adults all over the internet arguing about the right answer. Could you be the one to solve it? It may not look complicated, but there is a key to solving it, let’s see if you can figure it out!

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It All Started On Twitter

If you want the answer to something quickly the quickest way to do it nowadays is to find it on the internet. However, with an equation like this, it’s not as simple as typing it on Google or a calculator and then finding the answer. “Why you ask?” Well if you remember from your math days, equations get different results depending on the order you do them in.

That is why people are divided in two groups with answers that aren’t even closely off to one another. This seems odd considering that both are using calculators which is a pretty universal way of measuring things. Well it turns out there’s a reason…