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8 Signs That Show You Have A Toxic Person In Your Life

Let's think about the word "toxic" for a moment. Something that is toxic is never a good thing. There are labels on toxic substances that warn us to stay away.

Coming into contact with toxic substances can make you sick and could even kill you. It's no different with toxic people.

Because we all live, work and play out in society, there is no way to avoid running into or meeting toxic people. But, there are some surefire warning signs that you can look out for.

Below are 8 signs that show someone may be a toxic person.

1. Drama, drama everywhere

Toxic people are always involved in some kind of drama. Whether it is a crisis or conflict, it is always something.

Toxic people thrive on drama and are usually the instigators of the situation. Despite this, they always play the victim.

2. They're never wrong

Toxic people feel the need to be right every time, at all times.

Toxic people try to prove they are right and when they can't, they will resort to closing off any new information and stop the conversation, usually with an insult.

If someone can simply not accept the fact that they are not right all of the time, no matter how much evidence or proof is present, then this is a sign they might be a toxic person.

3. Constantly critical

There is a difference between someone who genuinely cares about you being totally honest with you and someone who is constantly criticizing everything about you.

If there is someone in your life who is constantly criticizing you, judging you and giving you unasked for advice, it is probably not you, but them.

4. They're controlling

Someone who has to be in control in every situation is probably a toxic person. Telling you what to do and how to feel all the time can get old, fast.

So can someone who constantly manipulates the situations you're in. Look for these kinds of warning signs. If you feel like someone is using you, cut them out of your life.

5. Constantly talking and interrupting

A major indication that someone is toxic is that they are unable to hold a normal conversation.

Toxic people want you to think they know everything (remember, they're never wrong) and will constantly interrupt so they seem like they know everything.

If someone talks and rarely listens or, even worse, doesn't listen at all, they may be toxic.

6. Lacking compassion

One of the telltale signs of a toxic person is their lack of empathy or compassion towards other people and what they are going through.

Toxic people make negative assumptions about others and are unable to demonstrate empathy and compassion to others.

7. Always gossiping and talking badly about others

Toxic people are also insecure people who try to make themselves feel better by talking badly about others when they're not around.

You can be sure that someone who talks about others behind their backs, will also talk about you behind yours.

8. Negativity

One of the biggest indicators that someone is toxic is constant negativity and a negative attitude.

This is not to be confused with realism as many realists have been labeled negative people.

In this case, negativity includes many factors such as being overly sarcastic, constantly complaining, whining, and most of all, judging people and situations.

Watch for all of the above warning signs, but also listen to your instincts. If your gut tells you that someone is not good for you, your gut is right.

If you get a feeling that a person is 'off' then listen to that feeling, trust it and make a choice whether you need to avoid that person.

And, always, always cut people out of your life who make you feel bad about yourself.

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