Cancer Survivor With One Lung Accomplished A Dream That His Doctors Declared Impossible

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Miracles happen every day. When you open your eyes a bit larger and your heart a bit wider, you’ll find that the people that surround you are miraculous. Accomplishing goals we set, healing from things we thought we couldn’t have, and handling life’s obstacles with grace are what makes human beings resilient. Each one of us is a small miracle in itself.

When life gets tough, it’s hard to believe that we can persevere. The story of this inspiring man can teach us that each day we have the power to wake up and make the impossible, possible.

Greg Gerardy

Not all superheroes wear capes. Role models and inspirations are those we look up to because of their struggles that reveal their strength. Similar to the way that people look up to their mothers, their teachers, and their favorite celebrities—sometimes the stories of complete strangers can transform to become our biggest inspirations.

A man running a marathon.
Greg Gerardy / Facebook
Greg Gerardy / Facebook

Greg Gerardy is just a regular man, but his story is one that is unforgettable. At only 29 years old, this man from Oklahoma City was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. But he wouldn’t let it stop him from accomplishing even his biggest, grandest dreams.