Cannabis and Coffee - The Perfect Combination THIS Is Why!

If you're a cannabis enthusiast with a coffee fetish, then you'll be delighted to learn that the two of them together make for a winning combination.

The legalization of cannabis is trending around the world, and as prohibition comes to an end, researchers can finally learn about the pros and cons of marijuana use.

One recent study accidentally discovered that caffeine might boost the effect that THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) has on the brain.

To expand on this idea, researchers put together a study involving spider monkeys, THC, and an analogue of caffeine called MSX-3.

The group of spider monkeys was trained to consume a dose of THC given to them by pulling a lever. They were given free reign as to when and how often they pulled the lever, effectively letting them control their buzz.

The monkeys were then given MSX-3, and researchers noticed they pulled the lever less often.

Increasingly stronger doses of MSX-3 were given to the monkeys and each time it was found that the monkeys pulled the lever less.

This lead the team of scientists to conclude that caffeine has a reinforcing effect on THC, as it "potentiated the effect of threshold doses."

From a human perspective, this information means that we can smoke less cannabis by drinking more coffee (or any drink with caffeine in it).

Or, you can smoke the same amount of cannabis and get even more high, whatever floats your boat!

Further testing has been recommended to solidify their findings, but the current evidence all points in one direction: wake and bake with a side of coffee might just be the perfect start to any productive day.

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