Meet The First Baby To Ever Be Treated With Cannabis Oil At Children's Hospital In Colorado

Marijuana is classified by the federal government of the United States as a Schedule I drug. It is classified as such because the government has established that it has a high potential for abuse and has no currently accepted medical uses. Yet hundreds of thousands of people all over the United States have been using it medicinally with a great deal of success, all thanks to the wisdom of state governments and voters.

In Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C., voters have moved to legalize the plant. 23 states total allow medical marijuana, Colorado being one of the obvious ones, and that's where our story takes place.

Two days after coming home from the hospital, Amylea began having seizures. At their peak, she was having 15 per day and stopped breathing multiple times. She was diagnosed with a rare type of epilepsy and was put on medication to treat it. These medications came at a price, though. Each one was damaging to the liver.

That's when her parents got the idea to try cannabis oil. The results? Amylea's mother, Nicole Nunez, paints an amazing portrait.

"She is a lot more alert today," says Nunez. "She is looking around today and following our faces when we talk to her, whereas before when we talked to her she didn't react at all."

Watch Amylea's amazing story:

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