This 50 Year Old Man Stunned Doctors When He Illegally Cured His Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil

Darren Miller, a 50-year-old man from Illinois, was given some of the worst news anyone could receive: that he had lung and pericardial heart sac cancer.

Not only that, but it was inoperable. Doctors couldn't go in and remove it. The survival rate for his type of cancer was less than 50%.

The odds were against him, so Miller took an all-of-the-above approach to curing his disease. He accepted chemotherapy treatments, but also used cannabis oil.

He thought that with the cannabis oil, his chemo would be successful. He didn't want to extend his life. He wanted to save it.

Miller's wife left her job so they could qualify for medical assistance, then they moved to California where cannabis oil could be obtained legally. After only 7 months, Darren was cancer-free.

"Today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission," he told CBS News. "I've cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both."

After recovery, Miller and his wife packed up and moved back to Illinois, where he now runs a "compassionate cannabis" program that helps others like him.

"What we're doing is we're just making small amounts to keep it around and educating others on how to do this," he said."Because if you have access to any kind of cannabis, I can give you links on my site to show you how to do this in your own kitchen and save your life."

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