Are You Always Tired Even When You Get Enough Sleep? This Is Why!

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When I dreamed of being an adult, I never imagined I would spend most of that time so tired. Even when I get a full night’s rest, I can wake the next day feeling fatigued and more irritable than I was the previous day.

It isn’t enough to get a certain amount of hours, the quality of that sleep is vital. Below we’ve listed and dissected some of the major causes of pho-sleep.

Fixing up our sleeping habits takes time and dedication. Don’t expect it to happen overnight.

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Not Enough Exercise

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Daily exercise should be a part of everyone’s day, regardless of how well you are sleeping. Exercise encourages productive habits throughout your day and depending on how hard you work out, it can make you sleep harder, more restfully.


If your sleep patterns aren’t affording you deep and rejuvenating rest, even the best of us will start to lose strength of will and mental clarity. Unless the situation is clearly acknowledged and dealt with, it can snowball into craziness seemingly overnight.

Forgive yourself and remind yourself often that a lot of the emotional content you’re dealing with is being multiplied by fatigue and your misplaced attentions. Slow down and really examine the cause and effect.

A Bad Diet

What you eat and how often you choose to fuel your body, greatly influences our mood and actions. Stay away from sugary, starchy, or high carb foods.

A well thought out diet, can ensure that you spend energy well throughout the day and the body feels empowered to commit to a deeper and more productive night of sleep.

Chronic Dehydration

Many people across the nation suffer from persistent dehydration. Many of the liquids we do consume are counterproductive to hydrating our bodies.

Salt, sugar, caffeine, preservatives and awful syrups make many commercial beverages second rate options.

While dehydrated, our organs don’t operate as efficiently, cells don’t divide or operate as well, digestive processes are inefficient, our neurons don’t fire or coordinate as well.

It’s no wonder that while in this state sleep becomes a tall order. You can’t always avoid dehydrating foods or drinks, and you should try to exercise, try to compensate as well as you can with more water.

There is an unreasonable fear of drinking too much water, but in order to become ill from this you have to consume gallons.

Underlying Medical Issues

There could be more to your inability to rest than an accumulation of common ailments.

If you have already considered the listed conditions, I’d recommend that you seek professional help. Seeing a primary doctor for physical issues and a psychologist for mental concerns.

Fatigue could be caused by a vitamin deficiency or creeping disease. You could also have chronic depression, or insomnia or a chemical imbalance causing your energy and sleep maladies. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

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