17 Things To Know When Dating Someone Who Was Single For A Long Time

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Being single can be great and rewarding at times.

It can allow us special privileges we just wouldn’t get to enjoy in a relationship, like not worrying about upsetting a partner when you make a big decision on your own, or never having to share a bed or a bathroom or the couch.

This also makes it kind of a big transition when you do get into a relationship with someone.

Here are 17 things to consider if you’re going to date someone who has been on their own for a while.

1. They don’t always let you know when they’re doing things.

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When you’re single it’s easy to get into the habit of doing whatever you want whenever you feel like it.

You don’t have anyone to talk to or tell about it, so it’s just not something you’re used to considering after a while.

This will change once the reality of the relationship settles in, but it may take some time.