The Warning Signs You’re Argument With A Psychopath And Wasting Your Breath

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For most of us, arguing isn’t necessarily the highlight of our day. While it can sometimes be stressful and difficult, there are times when one must realize that they simply aren’t going to get anywhere and make a graceful exit from the conversation.

When you find yourself trying to reason or argue with someone who just doesn’t have the normal thought process of an empathetic human being, it’s probably time to call it and walk away.

Here are 5 signs to watch out for, that mean you’re probably arguing with a psychopath and you may not want to continue wasting your breath.

1. They claim to understand hardship or challenges that they’ve never experienced or even been close to.

A couple standing outside, the woman behind the man, their hands grazing.
Pexels / Elizabeth Tsung
Pexels / Elizabeth Tsung

This type of person is insanely frustrating to try and argue with, because they believe themselves to have a personal understanding of every life experience, despite their actual lack of adversity or struggle.

They think because they can perhaps imagine what a situation might have felt like, that they have the right to speak on it with authority.

They’re incorrect and illogical, but they don’t and won’t see it no matter how clearly you explain.