5 Myths About Mentally Strong People

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Although being physically strong gets a lot of attention, mental strength gets very little. As a result, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be mentally strong.

Below are five myths about mentally strong people that just aren’t true.

1. Mentally Strong People Never Give Up

A man with his hand on his forehead next to a window.
Unsplash / Sean Boyd
Unsplash / Sean Boyd

Just like people aren’t born with physical strength, no one comes out of the womb possessing incredible mental strength.

Everyone has the ability to develop the skills that build mental muscle. Everyone has the ability to become mentally strong.

Growing mentally stronger takes practice and hard work, as well as a commitment to giving up the bad habits that could hold you back.

2. Mentally Strong People Never Ask For Help

There are a lot of things mentally strong people cannot do, and they are not afraid to admit it. Mentally strong people have enough confidence to admit when they don’t have all the answers.

They’re willing to seek assistance from others who have more experience, expertise, education, or resources.

They seek personal or professional help when necessary, and they don’t shame other individuals who seek to better themselves.

3. Mentally Strong People Are Cold and Unemotional

Mentally strong people experience emotions just like everyone else. They are very aware of how their emotions can influence their thoughts and behavior.

They are able to control their feelings when doing so helps them reach their goals. They refuse to allow their emotions to control them, but that does not mean they are emotionless.

4. Mentally Strong People Have Never Endured Hardship

Many strong people have overcome incredible hardships, ranging from troubled childhoods to the deaths of loved ones to financial ruin.

But, they don’t use their misfortune as an excuse for not reaching their goals. Instead, they turn those experiences into learning opportunities that help them grow stronger.

5. Mentally Strong People Don’t Have Mental Health Problems

Even though mental health and mental strength are two separate things, people often say things like “I can’t be mentally strong because I have anxiety.”

But that’s just not true. Some of the strongest people in the world have battled mental health problems.

Just like people with asthma can choose to build physical strength, people deal with overwhelming sadness, anxiety, or other mental health problems can develop mental strength.

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