Why Many People Stay In Unhappy Relationships

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One of my best friends stayed in an unhappy relationship for years. I often wondered why but didn’t say anything to her for a long time.

I felt that, if she wanted to talk to me about it, she would. Then, on one rare occasion when we were alone together, I asked her why she stayed when she was obviously so unhappy.

She got so angry with me for asking that she walked out and refused to speak to me for over a year.

So, I waited. I let her have her space. It was only after she finally left him that she called me. She came over to my house and we talked almost all night.

The reasons she gave me for staying with him both surprised me and didn’t surprise me. They were all of the same reasons listed below.

If you have a friend like mine and are really confused as to why he/she stays in an unhappy relationship, I hope this helps you understand.

1. Children

A father with his young daughter.
Unsplash / Caroline Hernandez
Unsplash / Caroline Hernandez

This was the main reason my friend gave me for staying in an unhappy relationship for so long. She didn’t want to break up her family.

Her children loved their father and she couldn’t bear the thought of them being hurt.

She also didn’t want to have to go through a custody battle and didn’t want to have to give up birthdays/holidays/weekends with them.

What she slowly came to realize is that it was hurting them to see their parents so unhappy.

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