5 Simple Ways To Celebrate The Once In A Lifetime Summer Solstice Full Moon

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Tomorrow marks the day where the full moon enter Sagittarius and the summer solstice begins at the exact same time, something that hasn’t happened since the summer of 1967.

People often called this amazing phenomena “The Summer of Love”, a rare occurrence that will only happen again until approximately in the year of 2046. People who are living in the northern hemispheres have a pretty good idea as to how important this event really is.

So here are some fun ways for you and others to celebrate this new beginning and how you can really be apart of a love revolution!

1. No Fears Allowed

This is a time for you to be celebrating, not being scared of things you aren’t sure of! Put all of your doubts, insecurities, fears, and everything else that stresses you out of your mind. Allow yourself to be free from adversity, weightless from burden, and not a worry in the world to keep you from smiling. Relax, put some of your favorite music on, move to the rhythm, clap your hands, dance the night away with love in your heart and joy in your eyes.

2. Good Intentions

This is time for a new beginning, a chance for us to do things that we have never done before, we can be as adventurous as we want during this phase. The sky is the limit and so are your intentions. The full moon possesses some of the most amazing manifestation powers, then combine that with the summer solstice sun, you better believe this is going to be a deep feeling. The contrast between feminine and masculine grants us a broader insight of the world, so it is wise that you go into this with the best of intentions. Think of the things you desire and the things that you want to let go.

3. Cheers To The Sun

As you rise with the sun in the morning and you begin to make your tea or coffee, propose a toast to the sun itself. In honor of this amazing event, boast of how you wish to celebrate this summer solstice and the full moon as one. Give thanks to the sun for providing the world with strength, courage, and warmth that has given us the power to continue onward every single day we live here on Earth.

4. Essential Herbs

Burning or smudging herbs during the solstices or equinoxes has been proven to be a tradition since ancient times. Building yourself a small fire, or if you want to bring an incense burner of some kind, begin to burn some or all of these recommended herbs: grass of St. John, Artemisia, Plantain, Fennel, Thyme, Lavender, Mistletoe, Verbena, and Ruta.

5. Cleanse With Water/Crystals

With the full moon in the sky, you can purify your crystals with the light as well as energizing them with the power of the sun. The combination of these two gives you the perfect chance to not only purify your crystals but allows for you to purify yourself. At the beginning of the day, lay your crystals out in the sun for them to soak in all of the rays and then let them lay there all night as they absorb every moon beam in the passing hours. Next, if you can, find a body of water like a lake, river, ocean, stream, and dip yourself in. The water that the moon pulls from our earth will cleanse your person of all negative energy.

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the revolution of love?

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