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CEO Gives Her 500+ Employees $10,000 Each And Two First-Class Tickets To Anywhere They Chose

Sarah Blakley, CEO, and founder of Spanx is quickly earning the title of the world's best boss, and rightfully so. Not long before the holidays, the woman gifted her employees with the best bonus they could have ever dreamed of. With around 5000 people working for her, she not only gave each employee two first-class plane tickets to go anywhere but $10,000 to spend on the trip too. So how did she do it? Sarah didn't always come from money and worked very hard for every dollar she gave away. Here's how.

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It Was Just Supposed To Be A Side Business

Sarah drinking out of her mug that says "she went for it"

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Sarah didn't even start her business till she was in her late twenties. At the time she was working selling fax machines door to door but she wanted more.

All she had to invest in her own business was $5000. But she believed in herself so she got Spanx going as a side business. She explains in a speech: "When I started this company in Virginia Highlands on the whiteboard in my room, I wrote a goal down and I said, this company will one day be worth $20 million. And everybody laughed at me, and I said, 'you know what, I believe that.'"

But She Always Cared For The Customer

Sarah drinking wine as her kids do school work

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What made Sarah stand out from the beginning was that she was a woman, and at the time, in the year 200, female entrepreneurs were not many and they rarely got grants. While Sarah hoped that this would be her chance to stand out, she knew that she would have to do it with just $5,000 in savings. Nonetheless, she believed that her passion, combined with the way she genuinely cared for her customers, would be her assets.

“I started this company with no business experience and very little money, but I cared the most about the customer, and that gave me the courage to launch the company,” she explained.

It Took Two Decades Before It Paid Off

Sarah and Oprah holding hands in an interview

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Success never comes easy and it was no different for Sarah. Imagine two decades of having to hold on to hope, accepting failures, getting 20 years older, and yet still never giving up.

Her hard work and dedication paid off and two decades later, the company was celebrating buying a majority stake. Sarah was finally seeing the fruit of her labor and catching the attention of the world. She was being interviewed by celebrities like Oprah who admired her work ethic.

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Sarah Become The Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire

Sarah magazine cover

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Sarah truly manifested her dreams. She sent out her intention and relentlessly pursued it all the way until the end. She didn't just reach her goal, but she completely surpassed it.

In 2012, she was named by Forbes as the youngest self-made female billionaire accomplishing her dream of creating space for women in business as inventors. Now, her company is valued at $1.2 billion!“

Sarah Wanted To Share Her Wealth

Sraah's emploeyee crying while taking mask off

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Sarah didn't just want to keep her wealth and success to herself. She still remembered her humble beginnings and knew that she couldn't have gotten as far as she did without the extra set of hands that were helping her reach her goals.

So she decided that her employees were deserving of some kind of thank you. Sarah held a big party and used it to announce that they would each receive two first-class plane tickets to anywhere in the world, plus $10,000 spending money. The room instantly filled with screams and happy tears.

The Same Can Happen To You!

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Father With Down Syndrome Raises Proud Doctor and Proves That Love Is Most Powerful Of All

Thanks to a viral video interview, Sader Issa has found a way to share with the world how his father's love transcended all other obstacles and made him the successful doctor that he is today. Despite being diagnosed with down Syndrome, this father never failed to fulfill his role and support his son.

Sader told the Syrian Society for Social Development all about being raised by his dad who has Down Syndrome, this is their inspirational story.

Sader's Childhood Was Just Like Any Other's

Sader with his parents as a baby

SSSD / Youtube

Sader was born, to a family that welcomed him, and wanted to spoil and love him. When he thinks back on his childhood, he reminisces on nothing but good and happy memories. He never once mentions being embarrassed by his father or thinking that his family was different. Instead, he remembered feeling very loved. In fact, his father would actually make the time to bond with him, spending time wrestling, thumb wrestling, among other games.

Luckily for the family, the community accepted them and even looked up to the love and peaceful bonds they all shared. To each other, and to the outside world, they were just another happy family, finding their strength in their love for one another.

Shame Was Replaced By Pride

Sader with his parents as a baby looking away

SSSD / Youtube

The beautiful thing about children, is that they are not born separating people into categories. They just long to love and be loved. Thinking someone is different or being ashamed for having a parent with a disability is only taught through society's conditioning. Sader isn’t ashamed of his father. He never was. Instead, he's proud because it's thanks to him that he is the man that he is today. Not only is he successful and healthy, but he also feels proud of the values he developed thanks to his family's upbringing.

Others are even envious of his ability to form meaningful and loving relationships, just like the one he shares with both of his parents. His father's condition was always a blessing, teaching him at a young age how to love strongly, and not cave into the negative thinking of others. He became independent, generous, and kind thanks to his experience of living so closely with someone who had Down Syndrome but defied the odds.

The Father And Son Duo Took Life On Together

Sader and his father wear matching polo shirts and smile at the camera

saderissa / Instagram

Sader didn't feel like his father was held back by his condition. In fact, the duo even used to work together at the wheat mill near their home to save for college. Sader's father was always committed to working hard and providing a secure and stable life for his son. He wanted him to study and follow his passion of becoming a doctor. His father never even expected anything in return.

“I’m proud of my father. Throughout my life he has been the greatest support for me when I needed it,"“I think I would’ve been much less excited about life and much less passionate with what I do if I didn’t have my special father,” explains Sader proudly.

Sader's Father Became A Role model

Sader's family sits outdoors smiling

saderissa / Instagram

There was something special about the way Sader's father always worked hard, exceeding expectations but never asking for anything in return. Seeing his son's happiness and success was enough for him. Now, seeing his son become a successful dentist is the best gift he could imagine.

“It’s possible to see when his eyes are filled with joy and satisfaction as if to express: yes, I have Down syndrome, but I raised this man and did everything in my power to make him become a doctor and help others.” says Sader.

The beautiful part is that Sader might have not become as successful if he didn't truly look up to his dad. He always saw him as a role model and a figure of perseverance, positivity, and determination. The way his father led his life, overcoming obstacles on a daily basis was not only inspiring to others but to Sader as well.​

The Power Of Love Is Unconditional

Sader poses with his dad

saderissa / Instagram

Sader's family hopes to raise awareness about the children of parents/ with Down Syndrome who love their children unconditionally. Researchers who studied parents who have children with Down Syndrome found that 99% of them reported loving their children, feeling proud and having a positive outlook on life because of their children. Just like any other parent, their priority is to make their child feel loved and live a happy life.

Sader hopes everyone can see that his father was just as capable as any other parent. "Let us give them a chance and see what great capabilities they have."

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His Parent's Bond Is Never Fading

Sader poses with his parents at church

Sader Issa / Facebook

The loving relationship between Sader and his father is quite inspiring but so is the one between his father and mother who has been together for decades. Yet, according to Sader, their love is just as strong as the day they got married. They have an understanding of each other's needs and are able to meet in the middle.

They often go on walks together or just sit and talk for hours on end. They set an optimal example and standard for healthy relationships for their son.

All Stereotypes Can Be Broken

Sader with his fellow dentists

saderissa / Instagram

Today Sader is a high-paid dentist in Syria and he continues to live a life full of love and happiness which is in itself priceless. His father continues to show him off proudly telling people and m my son is a doctor” with a twinkle in his eyes. The family is continuing to prove to the world every day that love is more powerful than anything and that can be enough to break stereotypes and defy all odds.

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