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5 Signs You Have A Toxic Friend

They try to change the person you are.

They seem to always be full of suggestions, but they don't really come off like suggestions, do they? More like criticisms. This is something toxic people do.

They try to mold you into a person who works better for them instead of accepting who you are.

You seem to fight a lot.

They seem to constantly pick fights with you over every little thing. They make it a big blow up too, involving your friends and taking it on Facebook sometimes too.

They decline to remember important things in your life.

You're planning something and they 'forget' you tell them. They seem uninterested in the goings-on of your life. This is typical toxic friend activity right here. They don't really care about you.

They care about you doing what they want. What you're up to is irrelevant.

They don't give you any space.

They can come off as needy because they're seeking some kind of validation from you. It's not even because they like you necessarily, they just need your presence. This is another sure sign of a toxic friend.

They disrespect you.

This one doesn't need much explanation. They look down on you. They disrespect you. They talk shit about you. They're not the kinds of people you need in your life.

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