Can You Spot the Intruder in These 5 Images in Under 5 Minutes? Test Your Perception

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We tend to get so caught up in the business of every day that we get used to having our minds run a million miles a minute. The speed that we use to get through the day causes us to remain unfocused and easily distracted, meaning we often lose sight of the details and move on to the next thing before we’ve processed and appreciated the last.

To maintain a sense of mindfulness and keep our minds sharp and focused, as well as keep our perspective open and wide, we’ve compiled a list of visual tests. To really challenge yourself, test if you can find the odd one out in each of these 5 images in under 5 minutes. The answer will follow if you keep scrolling! You’ll even find some motivational messages along the way.

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Monkey Madness

​Do you ever feel like a dancing monkey, always performing in the hope of pleasing others and getting by? It’s a sad way to think about life, but unless you’re the person at the very top, there is always someone above you that you have to listen to and please.

In a sense, you’re putting on a performance in the play of life, trying to be the kind of person who not only survives but also excels. But that can be draining. What’s the worse thing that would happen if you stopped trying to perform and actually were yourself and those who didn’t like it didn’t matter? You would then attract like-minded people who help you reach your potential, even if it’s not the one you envisioned.