Can You Spot the Intruder in These 5 Images in Under 5 Minutes? Test Your Perception

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We tend to get so caught up in the business of every day that we get used to having our minds run a million miles a minute. The speed that we use to get through the day causes us to remain unfocused and easily distracted, meaning we often lose sight of the details and move on to the next thing before we’ve processed and appreciated the last.

To maintain a sense of mindfulness and keep our minds sharp and focused, as well as keep our perspective open and wide, we’ve compiled a list of visual tests. To really challenge yourself, test if you can find the odd one out in each of these 5 images in under 5 minutes. The answer will follow if you keep scrolling! You’ll even find some motivational messages along the way.

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Monkey Madness

​Do you ever feel like a dancing monkey, always performing in the hope of pleasing others and getting by? It’s a sad way to think about life, but unless you’re the person at the very top, there is always someone above you that you have to listen to and please.

In a sense, you’re putting on a performance in the play of life, trying to be the kind of person who not only survives but also excels. But that can be draining. What’s the worse thing that would happen if you stopped trying to perform and actually were yourself and those who didn’t like it didn’t matter? You would then attract like-minded people who help you reach your potential, even if it’s not the one you envisioned.

Stranger Among Strangers

two women sitting back to back

© Via Brightside.Me

© Via Brightside.Me

​Think of the number of people that you encounter every single day. You probably couldn’t even count them if you tried. The second that you leave your house, you’re surrounded by strangers that you’re likely never to see again. We’ve become more and more conditioned to feel comfortable speaking to each other through a screen instead of in person.

But what would happen if you actually paid attention to the strangers surrounding you? The next time you strike up a conversation with a stranger could lead you to your new best friend, soulmate, or long-lost brother. It has happened before and will continue to happen if you just pay attention to those around you.

A Sensory Overload Via Brightside.Me Via Brightside.Me

​We tend to be bombarded with information, messages, and advertisements every single day that make it hard to differentiate the ones we actually help our growth and understanding from the ones that hold us back and keep us tied to unrealistic and even toxic standards and expectations.

Learning to pick out the truth and meaningful parts that serve us from the sea of sensory overload is a skill that can be developed with practice. Rather than take in all that your senses are exposed to at face value, and feel drained from the overload, take the time to meditate and empty the parts that don’t serve you. Over time this will teach your mind to only absorb the parts that it actually thinks will benefit it.

Beauty In Uniqueness

parraots among each other

© Via Brightside.Me

© Via Brightside.Me

​One of the most peaceful and purifying experiences is being completely immersed in nature. Nature can naturally vibrate at a high frequency. When we walk among it and appreciate its offering, we can increase our own frequency to a point where we can match it.

The higher our frequency, the more positive vibes we attract. This is why like-minded people seem to enter your life when you’re happiest or one opportunity leads to another. Remember that you’re in control of how to shape your life.  According to the law of attraction, positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes

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Spot The Intruder

inruder across the image

© Via Brightside.Me

© Via Brightside.Me

​We saved the best one for last! Having an intruder that’s hot to spot in your life is actually quite metaphorical. How many times have you loved and cared about someone only to find out that their intentions weren’t pure or that they took advantage of you?

Red flags aren’t always easy to spot, but the more you learn to consciously identify them, the easier it is to pick on them. Sadly, every time you get hurt, it becomes easier to avoid it re-occurring because you learn the signs from experience. The key is not making excuses for others and justifying their actions. People always show their true color so let their actions speak for themselves and believe them when you see it.

It’s Time For Answers…Only One Banana!

Now that we’ve pointed it out, do you see it? Only one monkey was holding a banana.

In a way, while all the other monkeys were busy performing some sort of dance, one of them decided to do something different and stand out. This is how all of us should live our lives. Rather than blend into the crowd because we’re just doing what everyone else is doing, we need to learn to tap into our individual identities and emphasize the best parts. We’ve all got something different to offer, and for as long as we follow the crowd, we’ll never truly reach our potential.

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Both Feet Down

silhouette of women sitting against each other.

© Via Brightside.Me

© Via Brightside.Me

Only one of the silhouettes had both her feet down! Were you able to find it before we gave away the answer? Ironically the more grounded you are in the here and now, the more likely you would have been able to find the odd one.

Sometimes to ground yourself, you physically have to put both of your feet on the ground, to feel the support of the earth underneath you, the force of gravity keeping you balanced, and to connect with the world at large that is supporting you. This makes you able to then shift your perspective entirely and is actually an intervention technique that is often used in therapy.

The Truth Among The Chaos Was One Letter Via Brightside.Me Via Brightside.Me

​This was arguably the hardest one out of these tests to solve because the letter “C” looks very similar to “G” at first glance. But if you think about it, that’s exactly how the world works. The truth and the important information are always right in front of us, hiding in plain sight if we can learn to tell it apart.

All you have to do is pay attention and take the overwhelming amount of information you receive every day with a grain of salt. You also need to take the time to clear your mind to avoid burnout from overly stimulating your senses at all times. Looking at the screen alone while you’re reading this is depleting your melatonin level, which will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

A Slight Color Change

line of parrots with red answer

© Via Brightside.Me

© Via Brightside.Me

​If you had trouble with this one don’t worry, you’re not alone. Subtle differences like this are hard to find. Luckily the point of this image was to get you thinking about the beauty of nature that is all over the world we live in. Beauty is unique and can be as simple as a slight color change.

We’re all beautiful in our own way. All we have to do is make sure our beauty on the outside is matched on the inside as well.

Be Wary Of The Intruder

intruder hiding on green background

© Via Brightside.Me

© Via Brightside.Me

If there’s one lesson we want to leave you with it’s that the more you pay attention to your surrounding the more that you can protect yourself and flourish. It will teach you what to give your energy to prosper and what to release that is holding you back.

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