These Are The 5 Personality Types Here To Change The World

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The game changer.

I’ve long believed that the world won’t be saved by old people with old ideas or young people with fresh ideas, but intuitive people with crazy ideas. These types of people reject the premise of various economic doctrine or sociopolitical behaviors.

They don’t know “capitalist” vs “socialist.” They don’t care about “left” vs. “right.” They’re more interested in pushing our current boundaries to see what really works.

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I don’t necessarily mean energy healers, but people who decide they want to heal others in some way or another. This can be an in-home nursing care specialist, a physical therapist, or a neurosurgeon. They’re people who simply want to help the health of others.

The explorer.

When we think we’ve discovered it all is exactly when we need to explore further. Even in today’s age, explorers are still important. Explorers can be scientists who probe the depths of space, or philosophers who probe the depths of the mind.

The diplomat.

As the world becomes ever more violent and tumultuous, diplomats become more and more important. These are people who can, on a small scale, relieve fighting between friends and family, and on a larger scale, between nations.

The protector.

Protectors are the environmentalists, loving and taking care of mother earth. Many ignore their own needs in order to sacrifice themselves for the good of the planet. They promote harmony and stability in this world.

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