Habits To Strengthen Highly Sensitive People

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Highly sensitive people are typically seen as being weak or broken at some level. Sensitivity is not a weakness or a defect though. Don’t try to hide it or numb it.

Maybe instead take on a few new habits that will make you even stronger in the face of a harsh world.

1. Don’t look for someone to complete or fix you.

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Pexels / Uriel Mont
Pexels / Uriel Mont

You shouldn’t be looking for partners or friends to complete you. You should complete yourself. And ditch the idea that you’re broken and need to be fixed. Just find ways to make yourself happy.

2. Seek out people like you.

Sensitive people love company. If you find yourself feeling isolated even among the people you love, find some new people to add to your life. People who mirror your personality a bit better.

3. Seek positivity.

In all aspects of life, in all situations during the day, find the secret, hidden positives. See how something could work out for the better in the long run. It’ll help guard you against negativity that may be hurtful.

4. Crush your flaws.

Resolve to be strong in the face of your shortcomings and, if necessary, resolve to make positive changes in your life. Create new habits to counteract the old ones. Fight to be the best you you can be.

5. Be compassionate.

Not just for the outside world but for yourself. Don’t be too critical of yourself and the things you enjoy doing. Don’t be too critical of the things you create and the goals you make for yourself. Give yourself a little bit of love.

6. Create boundaries.

But these should be healthy boundaries that move a bit, not rigid emotionally depressing walls. Don’t let the bad in, but definitely let the good in. More of the good, less of the bad.

7. Don’t obsess over your sensitivity.

When some people obsess over being sensitive, they actually start to seek out situations that can fill them with powerful emotions.

There’s no real need to do that. It’s not a mechanism that you can use to promote your ends. Keep yourself and your sensitivity under control. Don’t let it run wild.

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