Charming Libra Moon Rules Over This Week’s Horoscopes, Here’s What That Means For Your Sign

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Weekly Horoscopes August 29th – September 4th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

This week’s astrology is mostly exuberant and happy-go-lucky, with plenty of opportunities for all. The first few days are ruled by the sociable, charming Libra Moon, enabling strong interpersonal relationships in everything from families to business.

Thursday sees a hugely empowering sextile between Mars and Jupiter, which throws open the doors of possibility and invites everyone to try something new. This energy belongs to those who can dare push beyond their boundaries – those who stretch themselves will reap the rewards.

On Friday, however, a difficult Mercury-Jupiter opposition restrains optimism and urges some caution. Grandiose ideas are born this week, but it will be essential to couch those ideas in practical, realistic terms by the weekend.

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The first few days of this week are mainly calm and content for you. The lunar influence puts you in a loving, cooperative mood, and you’ll be more than happy to work with others to move your plans forward.

silhouette of couple by moonlight in starry sky
Mohamad Hassan / Pixabay Via Canva Pro
Mohamad Hassan / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Look to Thursday’s brilliant Mars-Jupiter sextile for a real breakthrough. Genius ideas come thick and fast, and Mars, your ruler, pushes you to explore what previously seemed impossible.

Your excellent insight helps you take these ideas and turn them into reality, too – although, on Friday in particular, you’ll need to slow down a little and take care of the little details before you try to move further.