Charming Libra Moon Rules Over This Week’s Horoscopes, Here’s What That Means For Your Sign

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Weekly Horoscopes August 29th – September 4th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

This week’s astrology is mostly exuberant and happy-go-lucky, with plenty of opportunities for all. The first few days are ruled by the sociable, charming Libra Moon, enabling strong interpersonal relationships in everything from families to business.

Thursday sees a hugely empowering sextile between Mars and Jupiter, which throws open the doors of possibility and invites everyone to try something new. This energy belongs to those who can dare push beyond their boundaries – those who stretch themselves will reap the rewards.

On Friday, however, a difficult Mercury-Jupiter opposition restrains optimism and urges some caution. Grandiose ideas are born this week, but it will be essential to couch those ideas in practical, realistic terms by the weekend.

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The first few days of this week are mainly calm and content for you. The lunar influence puts you in a loving, cooperative mood, and you’ll be more than happy to work with others to move your plans forward.

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Mohamad Hassan / Pixabay Via Canva Pro
Mohamad Hassan / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Look to Thursday’s brilliant Mars-Jupiter sextile for a real breakthrough. Genius ideas come thick and fast, and Mars, your ruler, pushes you to explore what previously seemed impossible.

Your excellent insight helps you take these ideas and turn them into reality, too – although, on Friday in particular, you’ll need to slow down a little and take care of the little details before you try to move further.


Get through as much routine work as you can in the first half of the week when the lunar influences encourage a can-do attitude. Ticking things off your to-do list will boost your mental health too.

Thursday’s Mars-Jupiter sextile heralds a significant spiritual opportunity for you – one that could also be materially lucrative. Explore your spiritual gifts carefully. Is there a way you could earn while helping others?

Watch out for some confusion on Friday, however. If you experience brain fog, your best bet is to meditate or switch your focus to something relaxing for a while. Let the world turn without you if necessary.


There’s a delightfully playful vibe around you for most of this week – Monday through Wednesday are especially light-hearted, suitable for dating, partying, or simply catching up with friends or neglected hobbies.

On Thursday, teamwork looks set to be very important. As Mars and Jupiter conspire to create tremendous opportunities, you’ll want to combine your own genius with the bright ideas of those around you – friends, colleagues, or your community. The more heads, the better!

On Friday, your ruler Mercury opposes Jupiter, however, so don’t let your ego get in the way of progress. You don’t always have to be the one in charge.

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The early part of this week is excellent for making progress with family and domestic issues. An agreeable lunar influence helps to smooth over discord, creating a warm and cooperative atmosphere in your home.

Your focus is likely to switch quite dramatically toward your career on Thursday, however, as Mars and Jupiter suddenly illuminate a new path ahead – one that embodies your highest spiritual calling.

You may struggle to convince family members about your desired change of direction, however, especially on Friday when Mercury opposes Jupiter. Just know that your career decisions are your own; support is nice to have, but it’s not essential.


A sociable, busy start to the week finds you completing errands, ticking things off your to-do list, and generally keeping yourself occupied with life’s loose ends. It should be a satisfying few days as you work through these tasks.

On Thursday, however, the inspirational Mars-Jupiter sextile makes you realize that you want more from life. This is an adventurous influence on your natal birth chart, urging you to stretch your horizons and seek new experiences.

The practicalities of these optimistic ideas come into focus on Friday when the cosmos urges you to balance your existing responsibilities against your newfound desire for freedom. Don’t be reckless.


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself deep in thought early this week, particularly as you think about your financial future. You’re on a path that leads to a greater spiritual understanding of money, but bills still have to be paid in the meantime.

The universe will help with this on Thursday – a highly optimistic Mars-Jupiter sextile shows you new ways to increase your income, boost your career or cut your debts – or quite possibly all three!

However, your ruling planet Mercury creates some tension around money on Friday, when you may feel guilty about having more than some. Work through this by following your heartfelt instincts.

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The Libra Moon creates a confident start to the week for you, and you’ll love being the center of attention on Monday through Wednesday. This is a good time for job-seeking, dating, or any other situation that puts you in the limelight.h

On Thursday, however, it’s time to turn your attention to your significant other. The magical Mars-Jupiter sextile makes this a brilliant day for a romantic trip away, a proposal, or a wild, impulsive decision in your love life.

Remember the importance of communication, however. On Friday in particular, Mercury in Libra reminds you not to take your partner for granted. Keep them in the loop; keep talking, and share your dreams.


You may feel slightly uncomfortable for the first few days of this week. It’s as if you don’t quite fit in; you may even feel as though you’re watching your life from a distance rather than being an active participant in it. This is unsettling, but don’t worry. It will soon pass.

In fact, Thursday is a perfect time to improve your mental health. Cosmic energy encourages you to start therapy or counseling or try a new daily routine that maximizes your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Friday’s Mercury-Jupiter opposition reminds you that you’re not an island; you don’t have to deal with life’s hardships alone, so reach out to those around you.


It’s a very community-focused start to the week, and for the first few days, you’ll enjoy taking part in group or communal efforts to make life easier for all. The lunar influence early in the week is excellent for teamwork in your business life.

It’s romance that is center stage on Thursday, however, when a spectacular sextile between Mars and your ruler, Jupiter, heralds tremendous excitement in your love life. Whether you’re dating or just rediscovering the magic in your existing relationship, this could be a day to remember!

Don’t overthink the situation, especially on Friday – just enjoy. Trying to make it make sense will dampen the joy and potentially lose the magic.

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This is a very business-like week for you. The Moon is right at the top of your chart for the first few days, so this is an ideal time to power ahead at work, making a good impression on all the right people.

Thursday’s promising Mars-Jupiter sextile creates opportunities for you to better your work-life balance. This is all about streamlining your schedules, finding time-saving shortcuts, and improving everyday organization. It may sound dull, but it will make a huge difference!

On Friday, you may get a stark reminder of how far you’ve come – and as Mercury opposes Jupiter, you may feel nostalgic for times gone by. But your future is what matters. Keep your eyes on the horizon.


The early part of this week could be tricky, with lunar influences suggesting a crisis of confidence over your skills or education. You may feel as though you’re bluffing your way through, even if you’re perfectly qualified in reality. Don’t let this get you down. You’re being your own harshest critic.

Look to Thursday and the Mars-Jupiter sextile for a much lighter, brighter note. This is an encouragement to have some fun – and, if you’re single, try an interesting new date!

On Friday, a potential communication mixup could prove embarrassing. As Mercury opposes Jupiter, pay careful attention to your online privacy – and don’t post in anger!



You’re on something of a self-improvement drive this week, especially on Monday through Wednesday, when the lunar vibe is very much about being the best version of you.

You’ll get a substantial boost with this on Thursday, too, when Mars sextiles Jupiter and empowers you to stand up for your values and authentic beliefs – especially if your family or community hasn’t always supported these.

Look out for reckless spending on Friday, however. Mercury opposes Jupiter across the two most financially active zones of your natal birth chart, so there are hints that you’re potentially gullible or easily deceived over money.

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