5 Red Flags You’re In A Relationship With A Cheater

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When you’re falling for someone, or in a steady relationship, you want to assume the best. But you don’t want to be blind-sided if things come crashing down. With the world of social media, it’s easier than ever to cheat – both physically and emotionally.

Without assuming the worst, it can be helpful to recognize potential signs that you’re with a cheater. Here are 5 red flags that you’re with a cheater:

1. They don’t make an effort in the relationship.

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Male Witch / Getty Imahes
Male Witch / Getty Imahes

They put little effort into growing or deepening your relationship. They may even struggle to maintain your relationship.

They don’t say “I love you” often. They don’t show affection much. They may give you a quick kiss as they run out the door, but they avoid eye contact and non-sexual intimacy.

Not putting forth effort in a relationship is typically an issue, but it doesn’t always mean that person is cheating. However, it is a red flag and it is a behavior associated with cheating.

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