Check Out This Museum's Art Exhibition Made For The Blind (Photos)

Go to just about any museum and the museum guard will be on you like flies on poop if you start touching up on some timeless art. And it's a good thing to! The oils on your hand will corrode artwork over time. But this exhibition at Museo del Prado in Madrid wants you to touch the art.

Works from masters like El Greco, Da Vinci and Francisco Goya can be felt at this exhibit for the museum's visually impaired guests. There are six three-dimensional works from different genres of art that were created using a technique called Didu, which ads volume and texture to images. Think of it as a sort of Braille for art.

“Developed in collaboration with professionals in the sector of visual impairment,” reads the exhibition’s text, “this project allows for the reality of the painting to be perceived in order to mentally recreate it as a whole and thus provide an emotional perception of the work. Non-sighted visitors will be able to obtain a heightened degree of artistic-aesthetic-creative enjoyment in order to explain, discuss and analyze these works in the Prado.”

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