Check Your Husband’s “Calculator App”, It Could Uncover Secrets That Prevent Your Death

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If there’s anything to learn from listening to true crime pods and Netflix crime documentaries it’s that the story is never as straightforward as you expect tem to be. These stories always end up having so many layers to them. What we’ve learned from the Watt’s Family as their story shows on American Murder: The Family Next Door, tNetflix’s documentary, it’s that everything can look great on the outside but mask a whole lot of ugly on the inside.

More recently, this lesson took on a literal meaning when we discovered that all the clues that led to Chris’ crimes were there all along, hidden in plane sight. If only his wife had checked his calculator app.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Chris and Shannan holding their young daughters

ShanannWatts / Facebook

ShanannWatts / Facebook

To the outside neighbors, the Watt’s family looked like your average next-door happy family. The children were young and full of life.  Shanann Watts was a blogger mom and used social media to share the play-by-play of her life with her family. She depicted a normal happy family. She sometimes talked about her problems with her husband to her friends, but this is also typical.

Basically, the last thing on Shannan’s mind was that her husband would ever think to hurt her or their children. Their marital problems seemed so normal. No one knew, not even Shannan herself how deep the hurt would be within her family, and who the man standing beside her, carrying her child would reveal himself to be. Evil lingered between all the picture-perfect poses.