Check Your Husband’s “Calculator App”, It Could Uncover Secrets That Prevent Your Death

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If there’s anything to learn from listening to true crime pods and Netflix crime documentaries it’s that the story is never as straightforward as you expect tem to be. These stories always end up having so many layers to them. What we’ve learned from the Watt’s Family as their story shows on American Murder: The Family Next Door, tNetflix’s documentary, it’s that everything can look great on the outside but mask a whole lot of ugly on the inside.

More recently, this lesson took on a literal meaning when we discovered that all the clues that led to Chris’ crimes were there all along, hidden in plane sight. If only his wife had checked his calculator app.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Chris and Shannan holding their young daughters

ShanannWatts / Facebook

ShanannWatts / Facebook

To the outside neighbors, the Watt’s family looked like your average next-door happy family. The children were young and full of life.  Shanann Watts was a blogger mom and used social media to share the play-by-play of her life with her family. She depicted a normal happy family. She sometimes talked about her problems with her husband to her friends, but this is also typical.

Basically, the last thing on Shannan’s mind was that her husband would ever think to hurt her or their children. Their marital problems seemed so normal. No one knew, not even Shannan herself how deep the hurt would be within her family, and who the man standing beside her, carrying her child would reveal himself to be. Evil lingered between all the picture-perfect poses.

A Head’s Up Could Have Avoided Strategy

Shannon with her daughter in the car

ShanannWatts / Facebook

ShanannWatts / Facebook

Unfortunately, the death of this family was not the only devasting layer of their story. There was also cheating. Chris was having an affair with a coworker named Nichol Kessinger who his wife never even really knew about. Maybe if she did, that would have been enough of a heads up to prevent the ultimate tragedy and save her life, and her daughters;.

Shanann had no idea that Nichol had been Googling Shanann’s name for a year prior to even starting a relationship with Chris. Investigators found the Google searches along with evidence that Nichol visited Shanann’s Facebook page where Shanann frequently posted about her children and her husband. If she only knew the extent of deception happening all around her, she might have seen Chris’ true colors before it was too late.

Living A Double Life

shannon and chris in matching shirts posing

ShanannWatts / Facebook

ShanannWatts / Facebook

Chris lived a complete double life and the only person who knew about it was the woman he was having an affair with. There was Chris that was a father to two innocent little girls who seemed to love him. This was the same Chris that was married to a woman who truly loved him and put in the effort in working the relationship out with him.

On the other hand, there was the Chris who took advantage of his wife’s work trips to plan a secret sleepover with Nichol. This Chris has no consciousness and often exchanged photos and messages with this woman even when his wife was right beside him. The reason he got away with it, was because he was able to hide his secret life om a folder on his phone. On the outside, it just looked like a calculator app.

Hiding Secrets In The Calculator App

hand using the calculator app

Karolina Graobowska / Pexels Via Canva Pro

Karolina Graobowska / Pexels Via Canva Pro

All the clues that Shanann needed to take her kids and run were there all along, hidden in plain sight on a calculator app, but she had no idea. Think of all the times she must have picked up his phone with no idea of what it contained.

The Secret Calculator App looks like your typical calculator app on an iPhone or Android device. In reality, it contains a secret folder to hide files, photos and videos. The Secret Calculator App first gained popularity in 2016. Many thought of it as the safest way to keep their explicit content contained somewhere private. The intent was never to allow this level of deception.

The Perfect Hideaway

This app acts as a vault to store content that is password protected and has to purposely be accessed. You would never suspect the app to hold secret by just looking at it, as it looks identical to a typical calculator app. The app is either password protected or can even use more intricate methods like thumbprints. It’s considered to be quite an effective app as it still allows for normal mathematical functions like addition and subtraction.

To access the hidden content beyond the collector, a special numeric code would have to be set up and entered. It’s the ultimate way to make everything seem normal and not worry about anyone else using your phone.

Knowing Can Be The Key To Saving The Next Woman

chris looks at shannan looking to the side

ShanannWatts / Facebook

ShanannWatts / Facebook

It’s heartbreaking to think that Shannan could have so easily found clues that could have saved her and her daughter’s lives if she only knew where to look. She often used her husband’s phone but never did even have reason to check the calculator app. Knowing this could help many women uncover secrets that their husbands may be hiding to hopefully avoid any ill-witted fate, even if it’s not as extreme. Women everywhere should know of this app to protect themselves and their children.

Let’s take away the tools to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again. Shannan’s husband looked so normal and she fully trusted him. So if you think this could never be you, think again, because no woman ever predicts that she will be the next victim.

Look For Red Flags From The Beginning

ShanannWatts / Facebook

ShanannWatts / Facebook

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them? Red flags are not as easy to spot as one would think. It comes down to the way they make you feel. Do you truly feel like your most authentic raw self around them and still feel good? Do they make you feel protected?

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