4 Ways To Foster Healthy Growth In Your Children

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1. Don’t try to own your kids.

A woman embracing and kissing her young daughter on the cheek.
Pexels / RODNAE Productions
Pexels / RODNAE Productions

It’s all too common for parents to try to possess their children instead of letting them learn freedom and responsibility.

As Khalil Gibran once said, your children aren’t your children. Instead, we should serve as springboards for our children to launch. We should support, not control.

2. Learn from your kids.

We ignore the wisdom of children too often because we, frankly, believe that children are lesser lifeforms. Listen to what your kids have to say. You might be surprised.

3. Create a positive environment, but…

Understand that peace doesn’t always need to prevail. Kids need to learn to stand up for themselves, otherwise they get steamrolled by negative influences and forces.

4. Spend real time with your children.

Don’t just sit around watching TV with them. Spend REAL time with your kids.

Don’t treat them like little babies that aren’t worth your time. Talk to them like they’re people and you’ll have open, intelligent, sensitive, and fully awakened kids.

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