Children That Look Identical To Their Ancestors Might Make You Think Twice About Re-incarnation

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What makes a child look their parent? Is it genes or is it deeper than that? Scientifically, looking more like one parent or the other is dependent on the gene versions each parent has. Some of them get passed down depending on the copies of chromosomes that a child gets from each parent.

On a more spiritual level, reincarnation believes that after biological death, the soul or spirit of a body takes on new life in a new body. Sometimes this is observed in children who act very adult-like and speak of past lives or recall memories of lost loved ones they couldn’t possibly know.

Either way the resemblance between these kids and their ancestors is uncanny!

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It’s All In The Hair

side by side of babies in 1970 and 2019 wearing same shirt



“Me on my 1st birthday in 1979 and my son on his 1st birthday 2019, my mom saved my outfit so my son could wear it. Think it fits pretty well!”

It’s not exactly possible to reincarnate while the other person is still alive so this resemblance is a product of strong genes. There are multiple genes from both parents that determine a baby’s hair color which seems to be the trademark between these two! The same genes determine eye color as well as complexion. Although science knows for sure that genes determine hair color, they still don’t know exactly the number of dominant genes necessary.