Children That Look Identical To Their Ancestors Might Make You Think Twice About Re-incarnation

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What makes a child look their parent? Is it genes or is it deeper than that? Scientifically, looking more like one parent or the other is dependent on the gene versions each parent has. Some of them get passed down depending on the copies of chromosomes that a child gets from each parent.

On a more spiritual level, reincarnation believes that after biological death, the soul or spirit of a body takes on new life in a new body. Sometimes this is observed in children who act very adult-like and speak of past lives or recall memories of lost loved ones they couldn’t possibly know.

Either way the resemblance between these kids and their ancestors is uncanny!

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It’s All In The Hair

side by side of babies in 1970 and 2019 wearing same shirt



“Me on my 1st birthday in 1979 and my son on his 1st birthday 2019, my mom saved my outfit so my son could wear it. Think it fits pretty well!”

It’s not exactly possible to reincarnate while the other person is still alive so this resemblance is a product of strong genes. There are multiple genes from both parents that determine a baby’s hair color which seems to be the trademark between these two! The same genes determine eye color as well as complexion. Although science knows for sure that genes determine hair color, they still don’t know exactly the number of dominant genes necessary.

A Smile Goes A Mile

side by side photo of dad and girl while young

CheeseburgerDreams / Imgur

CheeseburgerDreams / Imgur

​If you thought these were two pictures of the girl think again. This is actually a side-by-side comparison of a girl and her father at around the same age. The dad is the one on the left and had slightly curlier hair and a fringe that is representative of his time.

Their smile is one on the same, sweet and innocent and full of love. It’s crazy how much we can tell about a person from the way they smile. A genuine smile is an open invitation that you’re friendly and warm. It makes you perceived as more trustworthy and agreeable.

A Mirror Image: “Me and my 4x-great grandmother side-by-side”

side by side black and white photos of faces look almost symmetrical

queenofthehighway_ / Reddit

queenofthehighway_ / Reddit

​These kinds of resemblances get more interesting the further back in time we go, as then the possibility of re-incarnation is introduced and the odds of genes are decreased the further down the line of generations we go. These two look like a mirror reflection.

Children share 50 percent of their DNA with each of their parents and siblings, so the odds of gene variations are endless. One child can take up their father’s eyes while the next one gets their hair. So the odds of inheriting such similar traits to someone generations ahead is actually quite rare.

Piercing Eyes

side by side image of son with graduation hat and mother in orange button uip

TheVich / Reddit / Unsplash

TheVich / Reddit / Unsplash

​”My mother and I — age 16″

What’s most intriguing about this resemblance is the piercing green eye color. They make for the kind of eyes that speak for themselves. Although the majority of babies are initially born with blue eyes, their true eye color can change during the first 6 months, as the eye needs exposure to light to form.

The eye color is influenced by the combination of both parents’ eyes as well as the probability of various versions. For example, if both parents have brown eyes, then chances are the baby will as well, but if both parents have blue eyes, then that increases the odds of inheriting blue eyes However, sometimes it’s possible for even parents who both have brown eyes to have a blue eyes baby!

“It’s Not Just The Eyes, It’s The Aura”

side by side of woman and her daughter at the same age smiling n grey sweater with glasses on

© shaylybri / Reddit

© shaylybri / Reddit

​Sometimes you meet a person and you can sense their energy. They naturally have a soothing aura around them that draws you in and instantly makes you feel at ease. it turns out that even this can be inherited through expressions.

A study found that people who are born blind are far more likely to share their relatives’ exact facial expressions for concentration, anger, disgust, joy, surprise, and sadness even if they had never actually seen them! It’s basically instinctive. The blind participants didn’t learn to make these faces by watching relatives, so the connection was assumed to be made through a genetic link.

“Father and son, 44 years apart”

side by side image of kid in black and white and in present

kiwiguy1967 / Imgur

kiwiguy1967 / Imgur

​Although kids may look just like their ancestors while their young or at a certain point in age, their development is a dynamic process. As they get older hormones and environmental factors start to impact their genes. For example, their bone structure doesn’t set in till their 20s. So if you know someone who is basically a lost loved one’s doppelganger, you never know when that connection might fade.

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