Chilling Last Words Uttered Right On Loved Ones’ Death Beds

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Have you ever wondered when your last moments are finally here and you’re sitting on your death bed, how you will truly feel? The hope is taht by the time you get there, you no longer have any regrets. You hope that you’ve taken the right risks, you’ve made your mark, you’ve gone to the places you wished to see, you gave your time and energy to the right people and you’re left with beautiful memories of it all.

Maybe that will be the case and maybe not, but let the last words of these loved ones serve as a reminder to you that life is short and that the realizations you make on your death bed are the ones that really matter.

Love Prevails Even In The Last Breath

elderly couple smiling and dressed up and looking in love

Chino Rocha / Unsplash

Chino Rocha / Unsplash

” We were all gathered in his hospital bed, holding hands and crying and anticipating my grandpa’s last breath. My grandmother touches his hand and says, softly, lovingly, ‘It’s okay, baby, you can go.’ My grandfather stops breathing.

We’re all crying our eyes out. My uncle hugs my grandmother and says, ‘Well, Sissy, you were the only one he ever listened to.’ My grandfather took one more big, rattling breath in protest. The entire family cracked up laughing because he was well-known for always having to get the last word in. Literally right to the end.” -AlexPenname