Chilling Last Words Uttered Right On Loved Ones’ Death Beds

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Have you ever wondered when your last moments are finally here and you’re sitting on your death bed, how you will truly feel? The hope is taht by the time you get there, you no longer have any regrets. You hope that you’ve taken the right risks, you’ve made your mark, you’ve gone to the places you wished to see, you gave your time and energy to the right people and you’re left with beautiful memories of it all.

Maybe that will be the case and maybe not, but let the last words of these loved ones serve as a reminder to you that life is short and that the realizations you make on your death bed are the ones that really matter.

Love Prevails Even In The Last Breath

elderly couple smiling and dressed up and looking in love

Chino Rocha / Unsplash

Chino Rocha / Unsplash

” We were all gathered in his hospital bed, holding hands and crying and anticipating my grandpa’s last breath. My grandmother touches his hand and says, softly, lovingly, ‘It’s okay, baby, you can go.’ My grandfather stops breathing.

We’re all crying our eyes out. My uncle hugs my grandmother and says, ‘Well, Sissy, you were the only one he ever listened to.’ My grandfather took one more big, rattling breath in protest. The entire family cracked up laughing because he was well-known for always having to get the last word in. Literally right to the end.” -AlexPenname

It’s Okay To Cry

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Claudia Wolff / Unsplash

Claudia Wolff / Unsplash

“One of the last things my mum said to me whilst on her deathbed was; It’s ok, let it all out. It takes a real man to cry'” – Cubza / Reddit

There is something comforting and equally haunting about being able to grieve the loss of someone we love while still in their arms. It’s a form of acceptance of what’s coming while still holding on to them as tight as we can.

A Chilling Prediction

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Lindy Baker

Lindy Baker

“At the hospital, my grandfather told me that when I would be on my death bed someday, I would not regret the mistakes I made or the times I looked foolish. I would regret the things I never tried and the missed opportunities. I was 16.

I took his advice to heart. Good thing I did because my cancer has progressed beyond what known science can do and having no regrets makes this much more bearable.”- Some_french_canadian / Reddit

Waiting By The Roses In The Next Life

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Jacalyn Beales / Unsplash

Jacalyn Beales / Unsplash

“Worked as a career for elderly people. One lady was 92, had been married for 70 years to her husband who passed away 1 week before. He told her he’d ‘wait by their tree with the roses for her because she was scared to die.

When it came to be her turn, she woke up for the first time in days, opened her eyes, and said ‘I knew you’d be there waiting’ and passed away. Just shows that some people are made to be together.” – kimmil23

Love doesn’t have to end in this life. It’s the most powerful gift the universe has given us so why not take it with us when we part?


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Boston Public Libray / Unsplash

Boston Public Libray / Unsplash

“My grandpa had Alzheimer’s. I don’t think he could speak for the last month of his life. I was visiting him in the nursing home. He looked up at me with the most love and happiness I had ever seen on his face and said, ‘Irma?’

Irma was his first wife who committed suicide before he ever met my grandmother. It broke my heart that he didn’t know me, but I was thankful he had forgotten what happened to her.” – roseangel663 / Reddit

“You Will Always Be My Favorite Memory”

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Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

“My father passed after a long battle with cancer when I was 15. His last words to me were: ‘You will always be my favorite memory’. The cancer was affecting his brain at that point, so it was one of the only lucid-ish things he said to me that day. Got it tattooed to me the day I turned 18.” – deleted / Reddit

Let this be a reminder that when we’re on our death beds, it’s not the material possessions we’ve accumulated that will matter, and we won’t be able to take our bank accounts with us. In those final moments, it’s the memories that we will cherish the most, along with the people we created them with. It’s also our memory that we leave behind.

Live While You Can

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Randy Tarampi / Unsplash

Randy Tarampi / Unsplash

Are you living but you don’t feel alive? We’re each on our own unique path and destined for a great purpose. You’re still here for a reason.

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