Chilling Near-Death Experiences By Survivors Who Died And Came Back To Tell The Story

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If Death was to come knocking at your door right now, what would you say to it? Would you tell it to wait because you’re not ready yet? Maybe there is still a lot of life you wanted to experience but were just waiting for the right time. Would you welcome it? Maybe you’ve already made peace that it’s your time.

More importantly, how do you imagine death to look like? Maybe you picture a ghost-like figure wearing a black robe with a hood and carrying a scythe like in the movies. The only way to know is to ask people who died and came back to life. Knowing that there’s a chance people wouldn’t believe them, they shared their stories on Reddit, and they’re quite chilling. Be ready.

The Line Between Life And Death Comes Down To An Instant

Iceland mountains in the summer with river running through

Serey Morm / Unsplash

Serey Morm / Unsplash

“I live in Iceland. When I was about 6-8 years old, I was climbing a mountain then decided to look down a cliff and I slipped. I managed to grab some roots that were on the edge and started hanging off the cliff.

In my head, I was there for hours but it was probably somewhere around 3-5 minutes. I started crying and calling for help. Then a random hiker saw me and ran over to me, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me up. I got away from the cliff and started crying the hiker sat with me and hugged me while I cried. ” – oktavius3

That was a close call, but some make it even further into the realm of death…