This Chinese Face Map Reveals Internal Body Issues Based On Rashes And Pimples

4. Pimples on the cheeks.

Blemishes that show up on your cheeks indicate lung health issues. This can come from pollution, smoking, and asthma. If you smoke, stop immediately. To improve lung health, get plenty of light exercise and eat lots of leafy green vegetables.

5. Mouth and chin pimples.

Eating too much fat and sweets can cause blemishes on the mouth and chin. Too much caffeine and alcohol can do the same. Balance your diet, eat plenty of fruits, and get plenty of fiber.

6. Jaw and neck pimples.

Spending too little time in the sun, too much time under artificial light, and consistently eating the wrong foods can cause severe breakouts on the chin and neck. Spend some time outdoors every day and revert to a diet that focuses more on whole, healthy foods. Avoid meat and dairy contaminated with hormones.

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