5 Signs That You’re Part Of A World-Wide Shift

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Many people are making a shift away from the standard way of living. They feel as though the underlying principles that govern our culture are false.

They’re formed to make us more uniform and remove a lot of the diversity from humanity. What are the signs you’re part of this shift?

1. You shy away from harmful habits.

A man lighting a cigarette in his mouth.
Unsplash / Donny Jiang
Unsplash / Donny Jiang

A typical Saturday night might be having a bunch of beers with your pals, chain-smoking some American Spirits and chowing down on some burritos from the local 24-hour dive.

But last Saturday, you weren’t feeling it?

In fact, you found yourself researching pesticides and organic food, as well as putting down the drink. This could be a sign you’re beginning to shy away from our current vibration.