Choose A Door And Discover What It Might Reveal About Your Life

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Pick the most appealing door to you.

What does all of this mean? We’ll break it down for you.

If you chose door #1:

You’re all about the simpler things in life. You like quiet spaces, time alone, and pure solitude. You probably enjoy solo travel and camping trips too. You like to be homey when with people. You have high hopes for your future. You’re destined for a life free of drama.

If you chose door #2:

You’re destined for wealth, but you’re not sure how it’ll come. Either way, work hard and try your best at everything you want to do. The stairs in the doorway show you have a drive for climbing even higher. You enjoy the journey.

If you chose door #3:

You tend to be much more cautious. You often shy away from any kind of adventure into the unknown. You don’t ignore warning signs. The fire hydrant shows a possibility of danger but the necessary tools to put out a fire. The door is dark, meaning there could be anything beyond it.

If you chose door #4:

You’re ready for a fight any time, be it a legal fight, a power struggle, a promotion at work, or wholloping the crap out of someone who broke into your house. Red symbolizes power. Even the iron edges scream intimidation.

If you chose door #5:

You like to think things are about to settle down. You might be going through a rocky time now, but normal life will soon set in. You’re ready to find a lover and be loyal. You yearn for a family. Oh, and you probably just love having pets.

If you chose door #6:

You might be feeling a bit burdened in life, but you’re optimistic. Dark times are behind you. There’s light ahead, but you haven’t reached it yet. You have a brighter future, but it’ll take work to get up those steps. The worst is over. You’re on to something better.

If you chose door #7:

You may lead a more chaotic life, but it’s not something you can’t handle. You’re very close to being comfortable with your future. You like to have multiple options, as the multiple doorways represent different possibilities. When you run into a wall, there’s often another door for you nearby, isn’t there?

If you chose door #8:

You tend to be curious, creative, and may have a job in a scientific field like physics, engineering or biology. You aren’t careless at all. You’re fine with taking risks and feel like adventure will pay off. Remember: there’s no time like the present to give something new a try.

Which door did you pick? Did we describe you well?