This Scientific Color Test Will Reveal Your True Personality Traits

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This isn’t your parents’ personality test, and this fact is made more clear when you learn that the basis for the test was founded off Switzerland’s color-intensive, psychological test.

The test first came to public light in the late 1950’s, by psychologist Dr. Max Luscher. We’ve all heard of the subtle and profound way that colors can affect our thoughts, moods and feelings.

Most have heard about psychology experiments that revolved around the participant’s unique associations to colors, shapes or objects.

Luscher’s approach was groundbreaking and innovative. He used a basic palette of colors to trick participants into revealing the hidden aspects of their personalities.

His process hinges on the belief that each person has his or her own unique color associations and preferences. Humans react and experience the sensation of color objectively, the experience is shared and similar for most.

In the original test there would be a varying number of different colored cards in front of you that you would arrange showing which one you liked the most, transitioning through which color card you detested.

The associations made between the colors and the unseen were made subconsciously, so while engaged in the test, the participant’s understanding and desires couldn’t affect the outcome.

As you take the test below, just go with your gut and what feels right. The business world’s therapeutic practices, and at one point even the famous Carl Jung, found the results and process of this test worth examining. I hope I don’t uncover something horrifying!!