Choose A Feather And Discover What You Truly Desire

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Surprisingly enough, you can actually discover a lot about someone’s desires and personality by analyzing their decisions and choices. Take a brief look at the image above that contains five very unique feathers. Choose your favorite feather now.

Don’t spend much time overthinking it! Just pick the first feather you are immediately drawn to. Read on below to find out what the feather you chose has to say about your deepest desires!

Feather #1 – Stability (You Desire Stability In Life)

If this is the feather of your choosing, then you are someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. You work long, sleepless hours for nearly no reward and the pressure of life never seems to let up.

No matter how hard you work you just don’t feel like you are in a safe place. This feather choice reflects your desire for a stable foundation to build your life on.

You’re in search of calm and tranquility. This feather reflects stable patterns of symmetry and color which attracted you towards your inner self.