Choose One Of These Ancient Celtic Ogham Symbols To Reveal The 3 Pillars Of Your Personality

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The ancient celts once worshipped trees that they believed were spirits and certain objects that they think the spirits live through. Their Celtic beliefs revolved around the magic properties of different trees. But, they needed some way to transcribe and preserve their ancient scripts so they came up with the Celtic Tree Alphabet, more officially known as “Ogham” They were using this language from the fourth to the tenth century. They say that they named the alphabet after the Irish God Ogma and used it as a way to connect their beliefs to the magic of the trees in a written language.

Now centuries later, and the Celtic alphabet still holds some power. People tend to be drawn to one over the others. Despite just looking like crossed lines, each one of these symbols can reveal the inner parts of your personality. Which one would you chose?

The Vine: Introspection, Relaxation, Depth

vine symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Are you the type of person that doesn’t mind going with the flow? If you picked this sign you’re usually pretty well-grounded. You know how to take in your environment and use it to your advantage in order to stay in a relaxed state of mind and just flow. In the Druid perspective, the vine earned its symbolism from its growth patterns. You know where opportunities are and how to get your foot through the door.

If you picked out the vine, you’re likely drawn to introspective energy that allows you to get in touch with your inner self. You have the psychic eye which gives you a great level of intuition and a joyful aura.