Choose One Of These Ancient Celtic Ogham Symbols To Reveal The 3 Pillars Of Your Personality

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The ancient celts once worshipped trees that they believed were spirits and certain objects that they think the spirits live through. Their Celtic beliefs revolved around the magic properties of different trees. But, they needed some way to transcribe and preserve their ancient scripts so they came up with the Celtic Tree Alphabet, more officially known as “Ogham” They were using this language from the fourth to the tenth century. They say that they named the alphabet after the Irish God Ogma and used it as a way to connect their beliefs to the magic of the trees in a written language.

Now centuries later, and the Celtic alphabet still holds some power. People tend to be drawn to one over the others. Despite just looking like crossed lines, each one of these symbols can reveal the inner parts of your personality. Which one would you chose?

The Vine: Introspection, Relaxation, Depth

vine symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Are you the type of person that doesn’t mind going with the flow? If you picked this sign you’re usually pretty well-grounded. You know how to take in your environment and use it to your advantage in order to stay in a relaxed state of mind and just flow. In the Druid perspective, the vine earned its symbolism from its growth patterns. You know where opportunities are and how to get your foot through the door.

If you picked out the vine, you’re likely drawn to introspective energy that allows you to get in touch with your inner self. You have the psychic eye which gives you a great level of intuition and a joyful aura.

Ivy:  Determination, Change, Patience

ivy symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

The ivy is a symbol of survival and strength because t’s basically indestructible. It’s always able to bounce back up. If you picked this symbol you probably have a pretty good balance between dreams and reality. Dreams give you visions and with your determination, you put them into action.

You have strong ties with your loved ones because you take that same approach in everything you do. You have healthy balances in all your relationships but you’re also really loyal and stick by the ones you cherish most.

The Reed: Harmony, Health, Growth

reed symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

The reed sign is the secret keeper among the Celtic tree astrology signs. If you chose it you might be attracted to unraveling the deeper meaning, the bigger picture, and the hidden layers that most people tend to glance over. You love to see what makes everyone special and you’re drawn to a diversity of meanings. You understand that things aren’t just black and white and this is what helps you grow.

You’re not afraid to take risks, try new things, and meet new people. You’re quite a people person and even sometimes manipulative. You know exactly how to connect with the reed energy to take the next step so you mold things your way to make them work for you.

Blackthorn: Discipline, Control, Perspective

blackthorn symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Are you feeling a bit emotional? Your current state of being might have attracted you to Blackthorn’s positive and grounding energy, as it is known to settle disturbing emotions. When bad things happen to you, you don’t just take them as they are, you like to question why they’re happening so that you can gain insight into them.

This might have to do with the blackthorn’s tree as the Celts believed that it was an omen that also brought a promise of better times ahead if pushed through. The blackthorn became all about making the best out of trials and tribulations with the right mindset.

The Elder: Transition, Evolution, Continuation

elder symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Have you recently lost someone you loved or are you on the hunt for something more in your life? lder was the tree Celtics used to communicate with the beyond. Its energy served as a bridge to communicate from our world to the next world.

If you’re attracted to this world then you’re probably drawn to transformation and are craving something more. Maybe you’ve felt like an outsider in this world and have had to hold back even though you know deep inside that you’re meant for something greater.

Silver Fir:  Clarity, Achievement, Energy

silver symbol on purple background

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

Cher Pratley / Behance / Adobe

​Notice the way this symbol stands straight and narrow like a strong and confident tower. This symbol was known for its resilient energy, as it outlived most of the other trees. It became a symbol of honesty and longevity. It was able to challenge the weather and the soil. Similarly, you are probably not the kind of person who likes to give up. You’re full of determination and you have enough stamina to endure even the most challenging times.

Even when things don’t go your way, you stand with your head held high in the face of adversity. You know what your goals are, and how to channel good energy to achieve them.

Furze: Transmutation, Resourcefulness, Exposure

​If you picked this one, chances are you’re quite the people person. You have a big network made of all the types of connections you would need. You have a go-to person for everything thanks to your ability to network and bond with anyone, anywhere. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you create for yourself.

This Furze tree held the same energy. Whenever it needed to feed its vegetation, it created new connections to feed itself. It often decorated the area with right yellow canary flowers from connecting with the sun and kept joyful blooms all year round. Just like this tree, you are full of life, and bright ideas and that attracts people to you.

Heather: Dreams, Romance, Feelings

​Have you always been a bit of a romantic? If you’re attracted to Heather you probably love love itself. You fall deeply in love, completely embracing its intoxicating attraction, and you often have the same effect on others. Heather was known for having a strong fragrance that was intoxicating. It had the power to give visions and psychic ability. Just like love, it was its own kind of drug that strengthened bonds between lovers and soul mates.

But, just like with the wrong relationships, it wasn’t always used right by the ancient celts. It took time before they realized it was best used as a cleaning agent and started using it to break up blockages in the body and manifest purity.

Poplar: Victory, Transformation, Vision

​Are you looking for a change? You might be attracted to this symbol most if you’ve been wanting to re-invent yourself. Maybe you just want a new look, or feel the need to pick up, move and start over for a fresh start. There is so much life to live and you don’t want to be limited.

This symbol units spiritual transformation with physical transformation using the forces of nature including the energy of the poplar-aspen trees. They were known for helping in making fresh starts a success.

The Yew: Transference, Passage, Illusion

​Have you recently experienced a big life milestone? Maybe you welcomed new life or you earned an an achievement that draw you to this symbol This tree is known to mark the passage of time. Life keeps going, but it’s the value we give to each moment that creates blessings and marks time.

The Celtic meaning given to the tree had to do with its long life span and the way it lived through it isolated in its own elements.

The Celtic meanings of the yew are vast and intriguing. Much of this has to do with the hardiness of the tree and its amazingly long lifespan. Such solo elements in nature are considered special and unique and it gave the yew an almost otherworldly presence. It came known as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom

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