Artist Perfectly Captures The Flaws Of Society In Series Of Clever Illustrations

Every so often, a clever artist comes around and truly creates images that are worth a thousand words. Well-known for his work with Reader's Digest, The Guardian, and BBC; John Holcroft is an incredible illustrator. It's not his employers that make him famous however, but the incredible satire depicted in his artwork and the beautiful retro styling.

Anytime Holcroft relases a new piece, they spread like wild fire. His creations are based on 1950's advertisements and he recreates the visual style and portrays the vintage feel.

While the artwork might look old-fashioned, they're the farthest thing from it. Holcroft uses his artwork to bring attention to modern behavior and contemporary social issues. He loves to point out humanity's overwhelming greed, the devaluation of our workforce, and our increasing dependence on technology.

Check out some of his breathtaking illustrations below:

h/t [bored panda]

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