30 Unbelievably Clever Inventions Everyone Should Have Already

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I have no clue why these aren’t everywhere already… hopefully they will be in the near future!

350 degree outlet
Stop light timer.
A pen that lets you write in any color.
An outlet with USB chargers.
Baby carriage scooter.
Magnetic light switch.
Trash can hoops!
A device that uses heat or cold to charge your phone.
A solar powered charger.
The Pringles lifter.
Easy to clean hairbrush.
No tangle headphone cord.
USB recharging batteries.
Easy open packing tape.
Bike racks that take up no space.
Cute banana caution signs.
Nightlight outlets!
Retractable outlet extension cord.
A small tile that locates all your items.
Hello pizza vending machine!
Benches you can turn to have a dry place to sit.
Cute egg yolk remover.
Turnable power strip.
A cup that catches your misses.
Light up parking spots to show you where there’s a free space.
Stair slides. Awesome!
Bottle filling stations.
A subway that charges recyclables for a ticket.
No rain? Your umbrella is a bag.
Toothpaste roll that gives you every last drop.