This 11 Question Color Perception Test Can Determine Your Personality

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If you’ve ever looked into the intriguing realm of science known as ‘color psychology,’ you know just how important color perception and interpretation are regarding human behavior.

Colors can play a fascinating role in influencing the behaviors and thoughts of your everyday person.

Have you ever wondered why the colors red and yellow make up the majority of fast food restaurant chains? It’s because the two colors together create the feeling of “fast” and “gotta go.”

Yellow is also typically associated with happy and positive things in life.

Like sunshine, good ideas, smiles, and laughter. But, the yellow you perceive is different from the yellow I perceive.

For me yellow reminds of sunflowers, so I like it. But for you, yellow might remind you of something else, causing you anxiety and discomfort.

Colors are one of those things that get perceived and discussed collectively by culture and society, but then experienced and perceived sometimes differently on a personal level.

It is in between the collective conscience and our own conscience that our brain interprets color.

So, how we respond and react to color has a lot to say about who we are. And this quiz can help you get there! Utilizing color psychology, the quiz will analyze your answers to each color question and reveal the true nature of your personality and how it responds to color.

It’s fun, easy and informative! Just choose whichever color choice best fits with the shade of color in question above.

Once you’re finished, the quiz will reveal your personality type–you decide if it’s accurate or not.

Remember to have fun! And then share with friends and loved ones you think would like to explore their color psychology a bit!