Compliments Everyone Loves To Receive, But No One Ever Hears

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Compliments are a great way to communicate appreciation between each other. Plus it’s just a nice way to brighten up someone’s day. A compliment is not limited to someone’s appearance, but also for traits of their behavior. They make someone feel noticed and that makes them feel good. In fact, research shows that being paid a compliment can activate the same parts of our brains as gettig paid a monetary value. They release happy chemicals into our brains that can impact new motor skills and behaviors.

So maybe it’s time we start complimenting each other more, and not in superficial ways. Here are some are compliments that no one ever hears but could really make a difference.

“You Bring Out The Best In People”

woman covers her blonde curls with hoodie while smiling

Ivana Cajina / Unsplash

Ivana Cajina / Unsplash

It can be really special to acknowledge the effect that someone has on others. Some people have a special aura around them that makes them radiate a bright light. They seem bubbly even when they’re struggling and they’re able to make you smile just with their presence.

They also know when to give some tough love to push someone towards taking risks. Their sense of adventure and spontaneity gave him a new taste to life to whoever embarks on the journey with them.