9 Signs Your Partner Is A Con-Artist

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Does your friend or partner just seem off to you? When things started out everything was perfect! They were there for you, made you feel great. Now things are slipping towards an unknown destination.

You aren’t sure where you guys stand and are unsure if it’s even on the same side anymore. Below we’ve identified some of the common elements of a con-man.

Realize that a con artist can be after more than your wallet, your ideas and emotions are just as valuable to some.

You Have Low Self Esteem

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Getty Images Signature Via Canva / Pro InkStudios
Getty Images Signature Via Canva / Pro InkStudios

They will use the lack of confidence to their advantage.

If they say things like ‘If you do this it will prove your love’, ‘I will love you more if you do ____’, or using guilt to force you into situations you don’t want to participate in, then you should do yourself a favor and walk away.

The focus shouldn’t be on what you can do for each other, but how you feel together.

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