9 Signs Your Partner Is A Con-Artist

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Does your friend or partner just seem off to you? When things started out everything was perfect! They were there for you, made you feel great. Now things are slipping towards an unknown destination.

You aren’t sure where you guys stand and are unsure if it’s even on the same side anymore. Below we’ve identified some of the common elements of a con-man.

Realize that a con artist can be after more than your wallet, your ideas and emotions are just as valuable to some.

You Have Low Self Esteem

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Getty Images Signature Via Canva / Pro InkStudios
Getty Images Signature Via Canva / Pro InkStudios

They will use the lack of confidence to their advantage.

If they say things like ‘If you do this it will prove your love’, ‘I will love you more if you do ____’, or using guilt to force you into situations you don’t want to participate in, then you should do yourself a favor and walk away.

The focus shouldn’t be on what you can do for each other, but how you feel together.

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The Romance That Once Swept You Away, Is Now Dead

Has there been a marked decrease in the romantic feelings or expressions? They may have been conning their way into your heart, building up emotional feelings rapidly.

They were almost forceful in their expressions of love and desires. People can only fake or exaggerate feelings for so long, their true intentions always come to light.

Your Gut Keeps Acting Up

That little inner voice or feeling keeps trying to communicate you. Up till this point you knew the message wasn’t good, so you didn’t investigate. Don’t ignore the messages your body and mind tell you.. See how you really feel about what’s going on.

They Borrow Money Frequently And Repay It

At first glance this doesn’t seem that bad. If it becomes a habit or the amounts increase with each transaction, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship. You are a friend not a bank. They could be building your trust up for a large request later on.

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You See Your Friends And Family Infrequently

Intentional isolation is the hall mark of many negative relationships. A true partner wants to be a part of your life. That means integrating with your family and friends.

The only reason a person would separate you from your preexisting support system is to make you more dependent on them. The power dependent you are, the more influence and power they have. Relationships aren’t about control.

The Relationship Is One Sided

You are not a side kick and supporting character, especially in your own life.

If you don’t have any control or influence and your opinion isn’t respected then you are not in an environment that will promote personal growth and development.

When a person isn’t developing, the stagnant lifestyle will hurt you presently and limit your options for the future.

You Are Empathic And Generous

Be aware of your qualities, your strengths can work against you same as your weaknesses. It’s all about perspective. Your caring and generous nature can make you a target.

Be aware of the reasons a person wants to be with you. Try and look between the lines. Are they lying to you? Are they Lying to themselves?

There Are A Lot Of Conflicting Stories

From what happened last night, to childhood memories, the facts never quite add up. They are always inventing new perspectives and adding aspects to every recollection.

Watch out for anyone that answers you with a situation specific version of the truth.

You Can’t Remember When You Felt At Peace

Even as you rest in their arms, you feel uneasy. You are never 100% sure they are on your team, or that what they say is the truth.

A con artist desires your instability on as many levels as you allow them to reach. When you try to examine this with them, they throw a fit or try to distract you.

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