Confident Or Narcissistic? Find Out Where You Fall On The Psychopathy Spectrum

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According to Kevin Dutton, a research psychologist being a psychopath doesn’t necessarily mean you’re someone with no feelings who goes out killing people in cold blood. He defines a psychopath as “someone with a distinct cluster of personality traits, including charm, charisma, fearlessness, ruthlessness, narcissism, persuasiveness, and lack of conscience.”

These traits can be positive and actually beneficial in getting through life. In fact, we all possess a certain level of them. It turns out that everyone falls somewhere on the psychopathy spectrum, To find out where you place, every time you agree with a statement, add a point to your tally!

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You Have A Way Of Charming Your Way Out Of Trouble

For some reason, you end up in the same kinds of trouble, time after time. Your humor and decisions aren’t always received positively and sometimes you even feel misunderstood. This makes you feel justified so when you get in trouble for it, you’re okay manipulating other people’s feelings to get them to see your perspective.

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Houcine Ncib / Unsplash
Houcine Ncib / Unsplash

However, that doesn’t bother you. You’ve mastered the art of talking or sometimes even arguing, your way out of it. You have a way of getting your point across and even getting your opponent to agree with you by the end. You get into their head by saying all the right things.