This Congressman Is Breaking The Law By Heroically Giving Medical Cannabis To Sick Children

Representative Allen Peake, a Republican lawmaker from Georgia, says he was justified in defying cannabis prohibition by bringing medical cannabis into Georgia, where it is not legal, that he acquired in Colorado.

“I got a text this morning from the mother of a young child who I delivered product to," said Rep. Peake. “And the heartfelt thanks from this mother, the difference in this child – the increase in cognitive ability, the reduction in seizures, has been worth every bit of risk that I've taken."

Georgia residents who have struggled to receive the medicine they prefer feel as though their freedom has been infringed upon, and Rep. Peake clearly agrees. Miracle treatments are denied to more than half of the United States and is still banned by the federal government as a Schedule 1 Drug with "no accepted medical use."

But Rep. Peake is unphased by the law.

"Listen, I made a commitment to these families when I got involved that I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure they had access toa product from a reputable manufacturer," said Peake. "I've made good on that promise."

"If it involved civil disobedience, it's been absolutely worth it."

Within his own political party, Representative Peake sides with a rather small group of representatives. With any luck, his action will compel more people on his side of the aisle to join the majority of Democrats in demanding legalization.

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