These Conjoined Twins Have Finally Been Separated After 16 Hours of Surgery. The After Pictures Are Incredible!

During their routine ultrasound that was given in May, 2015, the parents of the twins, Christian and Nicole McDonald had just found out that they were to expect twins.

With some other troubling news that their twins were conjoined. Worried with what might come next upon delivering these two baby boys, the parents were cautious as to what they might have to do in order for them to secure a future for their children.

They knew that there was going to be sever limitations as to what they could and couldn't do. Making the difficult decision for their boys, they had decided to shell out the money for the surgery.

They did so in hopes their kids could have a better chance at a peaceful life later on into their adult years, even knowing well enough that this type of surgery could potentially lead to their children's deaths.

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